Tuesday, June 28, 2016


When I lie in bed at night, I sometimes--not always--plan what I want to do the next day. Sometimes I follow through and sometimes not. What I resolved to do on Monday was:
1. Walk the walk at Kimball;
2. Get a shower and wash my hair;
3. Call and change my eye appointment;
4. Call Walter re my tenant continuing in the house;
5. Go to Jessica Spa for a pedicure;
6. Stop in at Vons and ask if they have rotisserie chicken;
7. Stroll around Ventura Del Sol (whence I hope to move) to get a feel for it.
Well, wonders will never cease: I completed all those things. Walter said Eileen and I just have to agree to continue the lease (unless I want to raise the rent, but I don'). The pedicure thing was problematic, believe it or not, to wit: I thought it was taking longer than it ever had before The guy (I hadn't had him previously) massaged my legs with some kind of lavender cream, wrapped them with hot towels, and finessed a few other things until I was there for an hour and a half. Well, he's just slow, I thought, but I was in no hurry. The shock came when I got to the cash register and was told the charge was forty-five dollars! What?! It had always been twenty-two and with a three-buck tip an even twenty-five. In fact, I only had a five and a few ones, so I gave him the five. I was told I had gotten the "deluxe pedicure," and I protested that I had not asked for, or agreed to, that. The manager apologized, then asked me to just pay the twenty-two, so okay.
Stopped to get my oil changed, but there were several in front of me, so a ninety-minute wait. Instead, I made an appointment for today at 1:00. Neice Carolyn called and I invited her and Claire to come use the pool today, which they will. I'll enjoy having them.

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