Saturday, June 18, 2016


Went to T.O.P.S. and stayed for the meeting. For the third week in a row, I was the big loser--but I had lost only 1.2 pounds and that'll tell something about the rest of the group. However, I enjoy them and it and if they're not seriously committed--hey, that's their thing and it's none of my business.
Called former neighbor Ray H. to ask if I could send him Walter's present and he and Barb could take it to the party on the 25th. The 25th? Yes, the surprise party for Walter's eightieth. No, the party's tomorrow, Ray told me--aagh! However, no prob, I just addressed it to Walter and he'll get it a few days after the party. Enjoyed catching up with Sunrise Bay doings, anyway.
Home for breakfast, then over to Michael's to look for a box for that very present. I found nothing suitable, but remembered that I had a high, square box at home with "Happy Birthday" sentiments on it. I had had it for years and kept cotton balls in it, but I emptied it, lined it with cushioning, and it was perfect for the present. When I took it to the P.O., I was horrified that the postage was $12.40--good grief, the bookends cost only sixteen bucks! But the hell with it: After ranting and raving, I paid the king's ransom and it's on its way to Jersey.
Went from there to The Townhomes and found Doris already there; Carole didn't show, but we were okay with that. We enjoyed the duo--old guys with hats, one on keyboard, one on guitar--and the appetizers and wine, too, of course.
El had called to ask if I wanted to come over after and share her Bistro, M.D. dinner. Yes, sure, and I got there about 5:00. She came soon after, having had her hair trimmed--it looks great--and her nails, hands and toes polished. She showed me the dress and shoes she got for the wedding she's going to today, and oh, they're beautiful. The dress is black and white with sparkles--subtle ones--at the top in an empire style, with a matching jacket. She got a pretty rose shrug to wear for the daytime wedding (3:00 pm) and will put the matching B/W sparkle top on for the evening reception. It's really a gorgeous outfit.
We had dinner--pork with mustard sauce for me--and enjoyed Margaritas before and with it--yum! Good talk with my daughter, of course--it's always a great pleasure. I promised to feed Sebastian about 5:00 today and she promised to go to Ventura Del Sol with me on Wednesday to give me her take on the apartments.

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