Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Play That Wasn't

I went to WinCo early and stocked up on all kinds of goodies for the Mediterranean diet: lots of salad and stir-fry veggies, blueberries, walnuts, and salmon. El called and asked me to be at her place at 1:15; I ate lunch first, then went over and we zipped up to the Elite Theatre in Oxnard. Ellen's been there before and it's an attractive, Cape Cod-y looking place, right on the canal. We were there to see my friend, Angela D., in the first staging of Open Meeting Closed....
But darn! There was a note on the door to the effect that the opening had been postponed to next Saturday! Grr--the other day, I had looked on the web site to see that it would open on June 11, but hadn't thought to look again.
However, we managed to have an enjoyable day. El wanted to clean her bathrooms and asked if I'd like to hang out and watch t.v. while she did. Well, sure, and she offered different program. She, of course, has Netflix or whatever it is that allows you to look at things already aired. I don't--in fact, I don't even have a working DVD player. I could get one or both, but I don't have much interest in them. That made this a special treat.
We found an Anthony Bourdain (and I've seen and like him a lot) in which he visits his birthplace of--New Jersey! It seems he was born in Fort Lee, but they went to "the shore" often and a fair amount of the show was in Atlantic City. He also went to places in the pine barrens which I know well, including Lucille's Restaurant and the little store in Chatsworth. There were lots of shots of the Atlantic, too, and the beach and boardwalk (in winter), plus a great segment when he ate at The Knife & Fork Inn. Boy, I loved it. It made me--not exactly homesick, as this is my home--but very nostalgic, for sure.
After that, El put on "MeTV," which she thinks I have, too and I enjoyed two Twilight Zones from forty some years ago. I left El still cleaning--yes, I offered to help, but not too enthusiastically, and she declined--after a fun day that may have been more enjoyable than Angela's play.
Note: Ellen had some of the little gifts and cards from her students on the table. I was charmed in particular with this one: "Dear Ms. Molloy, Thank you for teaching me what I didn't know. Love, Mia."

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