Friday, June 24, 2016

So On And So Forth

Got a late start to Kimball Park for the walk, but made it about 9:15. Nurse took me BP before I started, but she had left when I got back--no prob, though. Aside from that, I did a bunch of computer, bill-paying chores and some housework.
Went to the eye doctor for my 2:45 appointment. He saw some evidence of beginning macular degeneration and had me make a appointment with his colleague, a retina specialist. Damn, that makes me nervous, but I'll try not to obsess on it until after I see the guy on July 15.
Went home and changed, then to the store for stuff. Doris called; she said she was pretty sure she knew the answer, but wanted to know if I wanted to go to a "Honor Veterans" gathering at Cypress Point. She guessed right--that I couldn't in good conscience for that. (I didn't mention that not only I'd turn it down for moral considerations, but it would bore me to death.) Doris is a good, kind person and sensitive to others' beliefs.
I told her about our visit to The Townhomes and we chatted about that. She asked if she'd see me at the music/wine thing today and I said yes, but forgot I have an appointment with the Ventura Breeze guy at 3:00 at the harbor. Called back to cancel.
I just got up at 8:15 and not yet dressed--darn! Will I rush go to T.O.P.S, which starts at 8:45 or follow my natural inclination of lazy slobism? Tune in tomorrow.

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