Monday, June 13, 2016

Facebook and Tuscany

Well, I made a momentous decision and I'm surprised the world is still turning: I'm taking a break, maybe permanently, from Facebook.
My daily habit for several years has been to get up, pour my coffee, sit down to write my blog, check my e-mail, then turn to Facebook. I put lots of pictures and narratives on my page, stated my opinions, "shared" what others had posted, and generally presented myself as what, I guess, I wanted to be. Or what I wanted people to think I am. Then I'd go to "Home" and peruse others' pages. If I cared about something, I never failed to insert my comment which, naturally, was much more intelligent, better thought out, and more worthy of FB than anyone else's.
And I'm sick of it. It's unhealthy to the mind and toxic to the spirit. Instead of Facebook, I'm going to spend that time in nearby Thille Park, walk briskly every morning, and clear the fog out of my brain.
Aside from all that, in the morning, I made cranberry meatball appetizers, which are always a hit, for the Golden Girls party. I brought them in the small slow cooker, along with toothpicks and a bottle of Chardonnay.
Got there at the stated time of 2:30, and wow, what a place. Tami* is a single woman who works as a hospital administrator. Unless they pay gazillions more than I was aware, I'm not sure how she can afford this house. It's big, for one thing, with what I guess are ten-foot ceilings and includes a lot of marble, mahogany, and other pricey materials, plus is decorated beautifully and very tastefully. The backyard, where we sat, was large enough to easily accommodate the group (there were about twenty of us), at the tables and chairs set up. It's enclosed by high wooden fencing which is painted with oceanside murals and set off by the real palm trees, other foliage, a beautiful water feature, and actual white sand (like Jersey's) that forms a little beach. Having accompanied Ellen on house-hunting (or house-looking-at) jaunts, I know it's got to be worth a mil or so.
Anyway, I had a good time, fueled by plenty of wine, daiquiris, delicious food, and interesting talk. This is the "over fifty" group and most members are considerably younger than I am, but there seems no barrier to intercourse. I chatted with Cheryl, who founded the group and who lives in Colony Parc, and Michelle, who had lived here and who did my income tax. Also had lively discussions and laughs with others in the party, of course, including Isabelle, who is a crossover from the widder group.
The occasion had a vaguely Italian--specifically Tuscany--theme and after a leisurely meal, Under the Tuscan Sun was shown. It suggests the size and layout of the house to record that almost all of us were able to watch it sitting on large, comfortable sofas. I found the movie, released eight years ago, not very engaging, so left after an hour or so of it. Nice event and I enjoyed it.
*I noticed a Paleo diet book on a table and asked Tami about it; she said she's lost 52 pounds on it. She's still very large and probably has another hundred to go, but said she finds it easy to follow. Think I'll look into it and see how different it is from the Mediterranean regime.

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iloveac said...

I felt the same way about Facebook a few years back. I rarely post anymore.....but I do check to see what's happening with some folks. In fact I was so bored with some postings I changed the status of many of my 'friends'....I made them 'acquaintances' and now I don't get their posts in my news feed. They don't even know and probably wouldn't care. If I am wondering what's happening with one of my acquaintances I can easily go to their page and check.
I didn't think much of 'Under the Tuscan Sun' either.