Thursday, June 02, 2016

BCCC and Other Outings

I got to the Beach Cities Neighbors and Newcomers monthly breakfast early so I could save a table for Doris, Carole, and Sue. Doris came right after and we chose a nice round one in the middle, the better to see and hear the speaker, one of the best they've had, seems to me.
Sheila Lowe is a well-known handwriting analyst, expert witness, and novelist, who lives in Ventura. Her books all have titles like Written in Blood, Poison Pen, and Last Writes. In a a highly interesting talk, she showed the leading presidential candidates' handwriting, and characterized them; did the same for historical figures. She also told a personal story: Her daughter and the daughter's boyfriend gave her their handwriting to analyze and what she saw in the boyfriend's was violence and anger; he was a law enforcement officer with the agency now called Homeland Security. Sheila begged the daughter to end the relationship, but she was ignored. In 2000, when the daughter was 27, the boyfriend shot her to death, then killed himself. Believe me, the audience of 200 or so hung on her every word. She mentioned a book signing in Ventura on August 9 and Doris, Carole, and I immediately decided to go. I'll mention it to Sue, also.
After the meeting, I went up to tell Sheila how much I enjoyed her topic and picked up one of the flyers on the table. It listed a domestic violence vigil to be held at 5:30 at the County Government Center near me and I decided to go.
As I often do after BCCC breakfasts I drove to the nearby Ventura Adult Center for lunch. Sat with Marie, Penny, Steve, and Noel; I was pleased to have them say they missed me (I go only a few times a month) and had an enjoyable time. Went home and changed, did this and that, then went to the County Center.
The vigil was held outdoors in a large grassy area; there were maybe a hundred people there. I saw Sheila right away and we had a nice talk. I said my friend and I will go to her book signing and she asked me to send her an e-mail so she can give me more info. I didn't get home until almost 8:00 and found a call from Angela D., who's with the Flying W Theatre Group and whom I had met months ago when I first moved here. Called her back and left a message.

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iloveac said...

OMG Rosemary. What a tragedy that maybe could have been avoided.
I've always been interested in handwriting analysis ever since I was a kid and some lady had a booth at Capt Starns doing just that.
I'm going to suggest our Activities Director hunt down a speaker on this topic...I think folks would find it very interesting.