Sunday, June 26, 2016


A kind of laid-back, nothing-much kind of day. I did go to Kimball Park and walk my one and a quarter. I was a little late, about 9:00, so didn't see Doris. It was good, though, and I want to galvanize myself to make it an everyday habit.
Aside from that, I cut up onion, garlic, and tomatoes, and defrosted some meal balls I had made a few weeks ago. However, I wasn't particularly hungry after lunch of the rest of the pork roast, Brussel sprouts, and applesauce, so guess I'll stir fry them all up tonight.
I spent time on the computer, even including Facebook. The girls in the west have posted some lovely pictures. What a time Vivian and Violet are having! Lucky them to have such aunties, not only the one in New Mexico, but the one in Ventura. Can't wait to see them and their Dad.
Went to WinCo for this and that. Got a nice thank you note from Walter. Good, I didn't save the P.O. receipt for the package and wondered if it had gotten there all right. I'll call him on Monday to ask about renewing the lease for my house.
I want to note two peculiar things about California--or this area, maybe:
1. You can't seem to get rotisserie chicken. In the supermarkets--all those I've been to--they sell whole cooked chicken, of course, but they're just roasted, which you might has well do at home. So far, I haven't found any rotisserie chicken, such as they have in Shop-Rite and Acme at home. They just don't seem to have rotisserie ovens, although what comes out of them is SO GOOD.
2. At WinCo, there was a free sample station for Sangria. That's red wine with fruit and stuff in it. I like it a lot and was pleased to get a tiny cup of it--it was tasty, all right. I was surprised to see a sign instructing parents that if they wanted their children to sample it, they had to give permission. I can't imagine that, in Jersey, even "giving permission" would allow children to have booz. As I understand it, parents are not even allow to permit those under-aged to drink at home. Funny.
El called last night and we made a date for lunch at the Hill Street Cafe, then some open houses. She thinks Vons does have rotisserie chicken--I'll check and find out.
P.S. Geez, when the big news of the day is rotisserie chicken, I'd better spice things up a bit!

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