Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Variety

Went out to get gas and for a few staples. Stopped at the library and a couple of other places. Decided to look at apartments and saw one-bedrooms at Ralston Courtyard (location too busy for me), Cypress Point (living room small), and Ashwood (I'd kill to live there). Problems include the fact that all are fearfully over-priced and there's so little available. Incredibly, NONE of the complexes had a first-floor one-bedroom available.
Ashwood rarely even has a vacancy, not because they're particularly inexpensive, but because they're so desirable. The one I was shown (but it's second floor, which is out for me) had me salivating. As they are in houses, the kitchen and bathroom are spacious, not scaled-down to sailboat size. The living room is twice the size of mine and so is the bedroom. There's lots and lots of storage: drawers, cabinets, closets--you name it, plus well-kept outside areas and to top it off, they don't allow pets! If I could get in there, I'd feel I died and went to heaven. Aside from the fact it's farther from Ellen's, I like it better even than Ventura Del Sol.
My friend called--always a pleasure; they're now in Wyoming and next week, will meet Mike and the girls, possibly in Utah. Betty called and we talked; she's frantically trying to get her house in shape, as she has it rented for the first week in July. Called Marge at Seacrest after contacting Fred to be sure it was okay. He said Marge was always happy to hear from me and she was when I called.
Now it's after 7:00 and shortly, I'll be off to walk in Kimball Park.

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