Monday, June 20, 2016


I thought Sunday would be a dud, considering I still had an on and off stomach ache. It wasn't as bad as it had been, but was still there. I toasted the bottom half of a white roll (the top had seeds), added cottage cheese and had that and my usual half orange for breakfast. That seemed to sit all right, but I was still tentative about whether I felt better. I thought I'd baby myself for the day and, of all things, did something at 11:30 am I havn't done for years in daylight: turned on the television. What was on was a new show, The Hunt with John Walsh, and it actually seemed interesting. Watched for fifteen minutes, then El called. We discussed the wedding she went to yesterday (and the bride gave her the bouquet), then El asked if I wanted to go to lunch at the Hill Street Cafe. Well, sure! The HSC has FREE mimosas if you order off their brunch menu and I thought champagne and orange juice were just the thing to soothe my tummy. El also suggested I bring my bathing togs, so we could go to the pool.
I got over there about 1:00, but we didn't get to Hill Street Cafe until quarter of 2:00. We found that the free mimosas ended--and, in fact, the restaurant closed--at 2:00, so we quickly ordered. I had delicious eggs Benedict, El a huge tuna salad, and the mimosa was great. The waitress came back several times to add champagne after I had put the O.J. in the glass--fine by me.
After, we stopped at an open house and saw a gorgeous place, the price for which is probably within El's range. The kicker is--as happens so often here--the maintenance fee was almost five hundred a month, more than she pays now. However, I liked it better than she did and she isn't that anxious to move right now, anyway.
We changed and went to one of the pools where Ellen lives (there are four or five of them, only two where I am) and it was delightful. We stayed in for forty-five or so, chatted with other residents and luxuriated in the clear water. When it got a little chilly. we topped it off with a soak in the spa.
Suddenly, I realized my stomach didn't hurt at all; I was incredulous. El and I agreed it was the mimosa that must have done it--ha!
Just half redressed, said goodbye, and left for home.

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