Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Not Much

I found a few other pictures I wanted to hang, so went to the hardware store and bought myself a small hammer and a box of nails. Decided to move around a few El had put up for me. In the middle of this, I heard a noise and darned if the "picture box" with the antique perfume bottle in it had fallen off the wall. I had put this up myself with one of those Command hangers--this is the third one of those fell. Luckily, the glass part didn't break, but the back separated from the front. I bought Super Glue to fix it.
Mike and Paula had given this to us when we moved into the Sunrise Bay house. Supposedly, it improves the Feng Sui hanging next to the door, which is where I had it for thirteen years. I put it next to my door here, too, but will hang it with proper nail.
Drove into town, which was mobbed with people. Went to a few shops, but didn't buy anything. Parking my car a distance away from all the places I went, I believe I got my mile walk in. Made a stir-fry for dinner, then took a drive, but not far.
Other than that, I didn't do much but a few chores here and there.

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