Sunday, May 29, 2016


It just shows to go ya, guess: I had pegged Gabrielle as a kind of glum, everything's coming up stinkweed type, and regretted making a lunch date with her for yesterday. Just to make me more reluctant, I didn't have her phone number and wasn't quite sure about the restaurant. Luckily, she called me beforehand; otherwise, I would have been waiting in an entirely different place, about a mile away.
We met at noon and lo and behold, I found that we're actually pretty compatible. She hasn't had an easy time in life: married at 17, one daughter, divorced after eleven years from her alcoholic husband; both siblings (brothers) died in their fifties within a short time of each other; granddaughter, 27, lives with her and is bi-polar, and has other "issues." Gabrielle's daughter has five other children, the youngest of whom just finished kindergarten, so there are 20 years between her first and last--wow.
Gabrielle herself is 69, but must still work; she's with the county in worker's comp. Has a masters degree and "works at home" on Fridays, although she said can handle that in just a short time. She was very interested when I told her about T.O.P.S. and said she'll meet me there next Friday. (She actually doesn't look that much overweight, maybe fifteen pounds or so.) She asked to befriend me on Facebook and had a few hours later.
Anyway, we had a good Chinese lunch and an enjoyable getting-acquainted talk. I ate only about a third of my orange chicken, we gabbed so much (but I certainly finished off my Stella Arios). I took the rest home, but later realized it wasn't a good thing to have: The chicken was in a syrupy sauce, I didn't need the rice, and the rolled-up thing was mostly carb, too. I was quite proud of myself for throwing in the trash; I have plenty that's better for me in the fridge.
I didn't want to let myself off the hook re walking, but the park was filled with Memorial Day picnickers, so I drove to the Kohl's Shopping Center. Parked my car far down one end, and walked the length of it and back. I think that'a just about a mile, which is what I want to do every day.
El called and asked about coming over today to hang my pictures, so I'll see her this afternoon. I called Lawrence-of-the-condo-for-rent and left a message of thanks, but no thanks. Yes, I've decided to stay here for now, at least.

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