Friday, May 20, 2016

Sue and Blue

Met Sailboat Sue at Milano's for lunch. Sue and her husband know the owner, Bruce, who has a boat near theirs and they eat there a lot. Bruce greeted Sue warmly and they commiserated with each other about how high the dock fee has gone up. The restaurant is under, and in front of, Brophy Bros. and I like the location better. The part overlooking the harbor has a nicer view than B.B.'s; not sure about the food. I got a "chicken caprese" sandwich, which didn't thrill me, but of course, the Shocktop was delish.
Sue is a big talker and went on and on about how she met her husband and when she used to take her Siamese cat when she drove the semi. She also drew me a sketch of their 50 foot boat where they live, which interested me mildly. She's very worried about Mac's neuropathy (AAGH! This idiot computer doesn't know how to spell it! Thinks it's incorrect, but it isn't. Illiterate nerds!) which started in his feet, but has now spread to his leg and even his arm. She's also very worried about his increasing dementia. However, we had a good lunch. I invited her to the SCAN program today--end of life issues--and she's going to go.
After I went home, I felt, for some reason, kind of blue. Didn't feel like doing anything and lay down--not a good idea if I want to lift my spirits. Took a short nap, but made myself get up and go out. I went to Five Points Car Wash--they're the best in the area--and paid twice as much as I do elsewhere to get my little darlin' spiffy--boy, does she look good. Took a drive after and found myself back on an even keel.
Betty called when I got home. She had taken Helen C. to the hospital, as she had fallen outside in her garden. She wasn't badly hurt and they didn't admit her, but she needed a possibly-broken wrist treated, as well as other things.

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