Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Real Estate

How was my day yesterday? Here's a truncated version of my review on Yelp:
I had seen a sale sign on a mobile home and was interested in being shown the interior. Monday, 5/16, I called the name and number on the Superior Realty sign, an Anna U. was the agent I got a message machine saying her mailbox was full. How accurate that was I don't know because I was able to leave a number. When Anna called back, without any preliminaries at all, she blurted, "Did somebody from this number call me?" Duh--she wouldn't have had my number if I hadn't called. We made a date for yesterday, Tuesday, 5/17, for 11:00. I got there a few minutes early---and waited...and waited. I finally called her at 11:15, only to be again told her mailbox was full. In the meantime, I saw on my cell that she had called me. I immediately called her back and she said she had been in an accident in Oxnard; someone had rear-ended her. To be perfectly honest, I didn't believe her. However, she asked if she should try to get somebody else from the office to show me the place. I agreed and she said somebody would call. Well, they haven't yet a day later and if they do, I'll tell them to go blow. I don't know if this crappy outfit is some kind of front for something or what, but I would advise everybody to STAY AWAY FROM SUPERIOR REALTY!
Things improved later in the day. The high point was a call from my friend in New Mexico. We had a good talk and are looking forward to Vivian and Violet visiting in June and July. After, I went out and bought grapes, to which I've become addicted.
I was at loose ends, so I drove to Goodwill just to look around. Saw a cute half-mask in gold with feathers and a "diamond." Naturally, I had to buy it--I'm very judicious with my money, but conisder this an essential. Will wear it at Halloween.
This is in the same shopping center as Ralph's Market and as I walked out, somebody driving a car in the parking lot called, "Hi!" It was a woman from the Golden Girls group and she stopped to chat. I told her about my recent misadventure above and she commiserated; we decided we should meet for lunch and I gave her my card and asked her to call me. Now I cannot, for the life of me, remember her name. Oh, well, I'll find it out later.
Home, I got out the onions, peppers, and garlic I had chopped before, plus the meatballs I had made. Put the former to stir-frying and the latter to simmering in a pot of spaghetti sauce. I had planned to have it over pasta, but instead just ate it the way I cooked it. I have some left for a later meal and will put it on spaghetti then.

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