Monday, May 02, 2016

Shedding New Light...

I spent the better part of the day on housework, getting framed pictures ready to go to Ellen's, and generally tidying up. Swept the patio and the entrance to my and my neighbor's door--I'm again beginning to wonder if she's alive or dead. Only went out for a bit for a Mother's Day card for my friend and a shower curtain hanger, which I intend to put in the patio closet. I also want to get an over the door device for detergent and so on.
Talked to El about 3:00; she said she was going to a few stores, but would be over after and she was. She got my new lamp out of the car, carried it to my place, plugged it in and happy day, it works! El also put up my new closet sheets. They're a little long, but actually look pretty good.
Best of all--well, second best, because my new lamp is best--she got me back to my computer setup. She didn't change it back to Microsoft 7 (I understand you have to modify to 10 by July, anyway), but showed me how I can get into everything I had before. What a relief! El took the pics, which she'll be kind enough to store in her garage. I must get over there myself to take the pipe/canvas contraption--although maybe I'll simply give it to Goodwill.
I could hardly wait until dark, to see how the living room looked with the other side lighted up. Well, it looks smashing! I'm so pleased with it.

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