Monday, May 16, 2016

Looking at Mobiles

Ellen got here about 2:00 and we set off to look at a few mobile homes. I had compiled a list of about six, the only ones I found I had any hope of buying--if I sell my house, that is. Near one of them we saw an open house sign and stopped in. Wowee, this was just gorgeous. Three bedrooms, two baths--the master bath alone was about the size of my whole apartment--nine foot ceilings, glazed counter tops, new carpet, beautiful view of the foothills. I would have moved right in if it didn't cost considerably more than I could get for my house, plus with space rent and so on, it was 'way out of my price range, unfortunately.
After that, we looked at the only one that had an open house listed. This was within my price range and if I wanted to live in a dump, it was a possibility. The next wasn't so bad and the owner invited us in. This really was a possible, nice (enough) kitchen, two bedrooms, good-sized living and dining. However, the guy made me nervous as hell. Since I'm a devotee of Forensic Files (in fact, that's the only program I watch), I view grisly murders night after night and I got the vibe: This man would lure one of us into a back room, hit her on the head, then deal with the other when she investigated. El's colleagues would call when she didn't show up for work today...
Luckily, we escaped with our lives and looked at a few other possibles. The ones I would consider living in I may not be able to afford. Also, in talking it over, it simply may not make sense for me to sell, pay off the mortgage, sink the profit into a place here, pay space rent, etc. Anyway, it was a fun way to spend the day with El, and I may keep looking, but I doubt if it's feasible.
Betty called later. She's now having problems with the guy who's pouring her concrete walk and wants to take him to small claims court. I don't know where she finds these people.
Happily, I slept soundly last night. In fact, I didn't get up until 8:30, which is really too late for me. I think that's because I got a sufficient amount of off-my-rear and on-my-feet time yesterday.

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