Thursday, May 12, 2016

Adult Center

It seems there's no end to the social round! Yesterday, I met Doris T. for lunch at the Adult Center. Talked to Director Hans first, to check that I'll be able to proof the blurb describing my acting class in The Silver Tsunami and Ventura Magazine. He assured me I would.
We were a little late going into the dining room, but found seats at a table with three other women. As ever, the food was--well, about what you'd expect for three bucks--but I enjoyed being with Doris. She told me about several trips she and Carol are going on and invited me to accompany them. These are in the Ventura mag, so I'll look them over and might do that.
One of the guys I sometimes eat with greeted me by name, which pleased me (and I can't remember if it was Chuck or the other one!) and another said hello. I also saw Marie and Barbara, both of whom came over to talk. I'll see Doris again (and Carol) at the SCAN lecture tomorrow.
After leaving the Center, I stopped at the library to return some books and pick up a few more. I'm still into the Kennedy thing and couldn't believe the system has nothing by either Sorenson, Bundy, or other aides, aside from the Schlesinger ones I already read. Geez, as Suz and I discussed on Tuesday, the area really doesn't seem terribly big on--well, snooty as it sounds, intellectualism or something like it.
Today, Nancy will stop over after her doctor's appointment and, at her suggestion, we'll go to lunch at the Red Lobster in Oxnard.

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