Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Yesterday was busy and varied, the kind of day I like. Did the laundry routine in the morning. Heard back from Nancy that she didn't make the lunch on Monday because she had started painting and got so caught up in it, she just forgot. She e-mailed me some of her work--a rose, tulips, an artichoke--incredibly beautiful. I think she's very talented.
I called Carol F., one of my SCAN friends, to see if she was planning to go to the BCNN breakfast meeting today. Yes, she and Doris both were and would have happy to have me sit with them. We then had a conversation for fifteen minutes or so. I like Carol more and more. She takes 93-year-old Jean to SCAN and said Jean had problems breathing the other day. Carol took her to the doctor, then the hospital and stayed with her until her son was able to get there. Happily, it seemed to have been a problem with her pacemaker; it was adjusted and she recovered.
Finally got rid of the pipe/canvas shelf thing I had taken out of the closet. It's very light and I was able to get it in the car in two sections. Rode over to El's, forgetting I didn't have Greg's phone number with me. (I like to call first before I go over.) His car wasn't there, though, so I figured he was out and he was. I easily got the shelf thing into the garage and tucked it behind some chairs.
Picked up a few things at Wal-Mart, then went to the library. Took back a few and got a few. Also picked up a talking book (I always listen to them in the car) about the fatal Esperanza fire of a few years back. I started listening to it, then realized I had taken it out a few months ago and had already heard it. I may or may not listen to it over again.
When I got in, I had a very welcome message from my NM friend. Called her back and we had a good talk. She said they found a pickle ball group and joined them for play. They'll be in Santa Fe another week, then take off for "four corners" where NM, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado meet. Interestingly, they don't have cell phone or Internet connections at the campground where they're staying. It's in a mountainous area and I guess towers can't be built there. For a second, I was taken aback: Gosh, how do they manage? Then it dawned on me that, a few years ago, there would have been no such thing at a campground or anywhere else.

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