Thursday, May 05, 2016

Breakfast, Lunch, and Cinco de Mayo

The BCNN Monthly Breakfast turned out to be very enjoyable. As soon as I walked in, Carol came up to show me where we (with Doris) were sitting. Also at the table was Sue McKinney; she and I hit it off right away. Interestingly, Sue lives on a sailboat. Even more interesting, she has lived in seventeen states. Most interestingly, she drove a semi- for 20 years! Before that, she had been an engineer (went to University of Utah) with AT & T before the breakup, which is where she met her husband, also an engineer. They were square dance devotees for many years, but sadly, her husband has now developed dementia. Sue is tall--I'd say close to six feet--and with a rather nice figure. I think she's considerably younger than I am (well, who isn't?), maybe 65 or so, but I'm not a good judge. Anyway, I sent her info on the Friday SCAN lectures by Dr. Woodling, which Carol, Doris, and I attend--I hope Sue will, also.
The program was quite entertaining: It was by a horticulturist devoted to butterflies. He encouraged all to grow milkweed, because it attracts them. Each attendee was given a little packet with milkweed seeds in it. I was amused when he talked about planting it. Geez, milkweed grows wild in the Pinelands and all over Jersey. Anyway, it was good and, of course, the breakfast was a great spread--savories and sweets both--as ever.
I impulsively went from there to the Adult Center for the three-buck lunch. I haven't been there for several weeks and I was surprised and pleased when I was greeted with pleasure by my pal, Marie, and the two guys whose names I always forget. We sat together, along with Penny, whom I've met before, and Steve, a very funny guy. He's Asian, but no accent, and was wearing a Woodstock shirt.
Went home after to plow into the mounds of paperwork and phone calls to return I've been neglecting for days. Got a fair amount done, but not all of it. After about two hours, I got sick of it and ran over to the 99 cent store for a few things.
El called in the evening as she and Greg were taking a walk. I'll see her today at her school's Cinco de Mayo celebration.

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