Sunday, May 08, 2016

Lazing and a Lamp

I spent half of the day lazing around, something I think I have a right to do once in a while. Lots of time at the computer, which seems to be gulping down an excess of hours. I later did bestir myself to hang a picture in the bedroom, but I have two others I want to hang there. There are many others I want on the living room walls, but I can't seem to get them done.
Had salad for lunch, then took a drive to Santa Paula. I didn't even get out of the car, but just headed back. I then saw an estate sale sign and being a sucker for "looking," I drove to the place.
Gee, the house was beautiful; so was the garden behind. It had been sold and has to have fetched close to a mil. There wasn't much I wanted or needed--considering the size of my place, I shouldn't have stopped--but I saw...
...a BEAUTIFUL white, porcelain lamp, kind of like a ginger jar with holes in it, that I need like Donald Trump needs another ten bucks. However, I had to have it! It was priced at $30, but since they were wrapping up at the end of the day, it was half off, so I got it for fifteen. I had to to shift things around to fit it in here, but I don't care, I put it on my bureau and it's elegant. Now I just have to figure out where to put the other lamp-I-couldn't-live-without from Lahaska, Pa.
Stopped on the way home for ground beef and made one of my favorite dinners: chopped onions, peppers, and garlic sauteed, then tossed with the browned meat. Yummy.
In the middle of this, I was interrupted for a lovely reason: The Tokyo Trio, including of course, the star, little Mr. K., who had all kinds of important information to impart. This morning, I opened my Mother's Day present from them--a wonderful card, created by Mommy, of course, that says, "Wishing a GOLDEN Mother's Day/To a GOLDEN Nana/In the GOLDEN state." All three signed it, of course, K. with an elegant scrawl. With it was a truly terrific picture of the three of them in traditional robes.
After that, I was again gifted with a Skype call, this time from the Singapore son and his girls. They're getting so big and so beautiful. They'll be here for a time in June, with plans to see El and me, of course, but also our mutual friend from New Mexico.
Looking forward to being with my girl, Ellen today.

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