Monday, May 30, 2016

The Park and Pictures

Sundays are one of my favorite days. Well, I like the other ones, too, but for some reason, I still think of Sundays as no-work, do-whatever-you-want days. I follow the same morning routine I do most other days: up when I awaken, the usual ablutions, coffee at the computer, breakfast (the same every day: one slice of whole grain toast with cottage cheese on it, half an orange, and more coffee), then I settle down with the Ventura Star. I glance over what passes for news, then other stuff; then I turn to what I look forward to all week: the Newsweek crossword puzzle. Yes, I do the NYTimes crosswords on other days, but for a number of reasons, after Monday and Tuesday, they're not very enjoyable.
Yesterday, I followed the above routine, then drove over to the dollar store for a few things. Drove to the park and walked my mile. I want to keep up a faster pace and did pretty well, at least marginally. I'm also planning to walk to the park, rather than drive, which is certainly doable.
The high point of the day was when El came over to hang my pictures. We sat and chatted first and tossed around the pros and cons of the condo I had seen. Tempting as it is, I just don't want anything that big. Instead, will remain here at least until my lease is up in September, then possibly move, or just sign a new lease. Either way, I'm not going to think about it now.
We actually had fun with the pictures. El, of course, did all the work while I nagged about an inch here and crooked there. They look great, though; my father's college picture, plus several ancestors on the dining area wall, and the older son and DIL's two wedding portraits in the bedroom. One shows the bride and groom in traditional Japanese dress and the other is formal wedding attire. I always loved those pictures. On the longer wall, I asked El to put up an early pic of Pat and me with our first two children, as well as a triple-framed picture of my older grandson and his two boys at about the same age, dressed in the same sailor boy outfit. Added to those is a picture El had done herself for a teacher project. I have other framed pictures--oh, plenty of them--but these are the ones I just happened to come upon or unpacked first.

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