Friday, May 13, 2016

Red Lobster

Nancy got here about 1:00 after a hair dresser appointment, and we took off for Oxnard. I was glad to have her drive, as I wasn't exactly sure where Red Lobster was. She found it with no problem and we settled in, happily hungry, both skipping the lunch listings in favor of dinner entrees. I got a mixed shrimp plate--breaded, garlic-ed, and in a pasta dish, along with a luscious Blue Moon, which, happy day, they have on draft.
I remembered that, a few years ago, I was at the R.L. with Aline. I had been given an Olive Garden gift card by one of my kids and, thinking it was from R.L., tried to pay with it. The waiter pointed out the mistake, but asked me to wait while he consulted the manager. When he came back, he said it would be honored, as the same outfit owned both restaurants. I still had money left on the card for O.L. Mike gave me for my birthday and asked if I could use it yesterday. I was told the two places were no longer jointly owned, but--I could use it anyway! Guess they have some kind of reciprocal deal. I was surprised and pleased, especially as I was told after I paid that I still have twenty-five bucks on it.
Nancy and I had a fine time talking, of course, and brought each other up to date with our various doings. She's going next month with her son and daughter to scatter her husband's ashes in--I think Arizona and maybe other states, too.
After a leisurely meal (both of us had take-homes), she dropped me off. We're both going to the regular widder dinner on Monday--last time for a while at Yolanda's. Starting in June, we'll meet at Marie Callender's until Y.'s renovations are finished.
Spent some time on Realtor.Com, as I'm exploring the idea of possibly buying a mobile home here, if I can find one I can afford. Of course, I would sell my house in Jersey and would have to crunch the numbers to see if it's feasible. I've looked up a few and e-mailed Ellen, asking if she would go with me on Sunday and look at some. She said she will, so I'll at least get an idea of what's out there.
My cousin John sent me an e-mail, asking if I could give my brother, Jim's, contact info to our mutual cousin, Tom. I called Jim to tell him and he said he'd be happy to talk to Tom. Jim turned 90 in January and Tom will do the same in July. I spoke to Tom and his wife, Helen, and we had a good family chat. Tom is the oldest son of my father's oldest sibling, also named Tom. It gets a little confusing because on my mother's side, we also have several Toms.
I had brought broccoli slaw at Trader Joes and made a dressing to go on it. It was okay, but not that great.

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