Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Lunch Bunch and Organizer

Went to the widder bunch lunch at Yolanda's, of course. I guess eight of us were there, including Joyce. She had been in touch and told me she was going. So did Nancy, but she was a no-show. Pam and Chuck, Susan, Vera, and Donna were all there--these are the ones I know well. As a rather refreshing change, Gayle wasn't there. I think she was on her cruise, so we wren't subjected to her incessant talking. It was enjoyable, as ever, the food good and the company better.
After, I went to the post office, then stopped in Sears and Target at the mall, looking for an over-the-door organizer, which I want to add to my patio closet. Neither had what I was looking for. Called Nancy when I got home, but her message machine was on. Hope she's okay. Had a call from Dolly, the one I met at SCAN, whose late husband was a physician. She had told me she had lost a credit card and I, half-jokingly, told her to say, "Oh, St. Anthony, please come around/Something is lost and can't be found." Those who are religious believe good ol' St. A. has an influence; otherwise, it seems most probable to this infidel that the saying prompts a "eureka!" moment in the loser's brain. Darned if Dolly didn't say it and find the card.
Went to Bed 'N' Bath on my quest. They didn't have exactly what I was looking for, either, but a salesperson went on-line to find they have something somewhat similar, although not just what I wanted. It costs eighty smackers plus shipping, though, and screw that.
Went to WinCo for supplies, then home and looked on-line. I was delighted to find just what I want from Staples, believe it or not, and for twenty-two bucks, including tax and no charge for shipping, as I'll pick it up at the store; should be there within a week.

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