Wednesday, May 11, 2016

VACE and Sue

Busy one again. As planned, I met with Carolyn V.W., director of Ventura Adult and Continuing Education (VACE) at 10:00. I was surprised to see Suz M. there, as I know she's flying to Sacramento early today; in fact, she has to be at the airport at 2:00 am. I had known Suz is a cancer survivor, but was taken aback to learn she was at stage 4 twice--breast cancer.
We met for almost two hours. I was anxious to know how this organization fits into Ventura County Aging, which I believe is a commission. Carolyn explained, but it's still a little hazy. Anyway, the program that most interests me is ENCORE, which instructs adults (or, as Suz likes to put it, those who are "fifty or better) on computer skills. I said I'd be willing to coach graduates on interviewing. I made clear that I'm not willing to do the whole shebang--job-hunting, resume-writing, etc.--as I did at Ocean Community College and Stockton State. It's just too much work. Anyway, they were both very enthusiastic about me helping out when the time is right. Oddly, we didn't discuss whether this would be volunteer or a paid gig. The latter would be nice, but I don't really care. I also gave Carolyn my Acting for Everyone proposal and she'll look it over.
It was almost noon when we broke up and and Sue and I were to meet for lunch at one. I had time to go to Staples to pick up my over-the-door purchase, then headed to Brophy Bros. at the harbor. Met Sue and we had a good lunch (my usual--I'm in a rut!--of a rare hamburger and an 805 beer) and good talk. First husband was missing his left leg and hip as the result of a submarine accident. He died many years ago and Sue married Mac, whom she says is beginning to suffer from dementia. No children, no siblings, no blood relatives at all, in fact.
After lunch, we strolled down the harbor walk and saw a large--Sue read on the side it was 57 feet--boat in shrink wrap that was being moved from one side of the concrete wharf to another. This was by means of a huge contraption that had tank-like tires and lifted the boat in a kind of sling.
Sue and her husband have lived on their 50-foot sailboat for twelve years and she's very knowledgeable about all kinds of nautical chores and duties. After we ate, she asked if I'd like to meet Mac. He was at a nearby storage place where they rent two large units. He has an actual workshop there, with a lathe and a lot of other tools.
Mac is a nice-looking guy, slender with a neatly-trimmed white beard. He showed me a kind of manikin, with a face, arms, and hands, that they use for signaling other boats. Ingenious. Sue's storage space contains a mountain of stuff, too, including some beautiful square dance skirts and slips, the latter many layers deep. Sue knits and sews and showed me a kishrug she had made for square dance friends--she said she's made dozens of them and volunteered to make me one. She drove me back to my car and off I went, agreeing to have lunch again, next time with Mac.
Got home and put the over-the-door thing up. I'm not sure what all I'll put in there. Right now, it just holds my detergent and other laundry items.

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