Friday, May 13, 2016

SCAN On Skin

I enjoyed yesterday's SCAN lecture by Dr. Woodling more than I had expected. I had thought it would be boring, as it centered on skin and I'm not much interested in that, but it was pretty absorbing. I learned quite a bit about this largest organ of ours; whether I'll retain it is something else again. Doris and Carol were there, along with old, old Jean, but Dolly didn't come. I'll see the two former at the Council for Seniors meeting next Wednesday.
I had told Doris I was a pacifist and was looking for a group, but there seemed to be none in Ventura. She told me that Dr. Robert Dodge had founded Physicians for Social Responsibility in Ventura. When I looked him up later, I realized he was one of the facilitators at the Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions meeting I attended in February. I may give them another try, although the "scattering" of their efforts--a living wage for farm workers, climate care, breaking free of fossil fuels, and so on--doesn't seem to me to matter if we continue to kill and plunder around the globe. They're having a showing of Moore's Where Shall We Invade Next on June 5; I already saw it, but maybe I'll attend.
Didn't get out until after 4:00, then I went to WinCo for mushroom soup and Lipton onion. I have a nice pork roast I want to put in the slow cooker today. Had a simple, but to me, good, dinner of browned hot dog "coins" with scrambled eggs.

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