Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Meeting and Acorn Squash

Attended the monthly Council for Seniors at the Adult Center. Suz greeted me with her usual almost overwhelming enthusiasm and a hug and a kiss. She's just back from Sacramento where she met with state politicians to push the elder agenda. My friend, Doris, came, but had to leave before the speaker really got started (lucky her: see below). The meeting was pretty sparsely attended in contrast to the full house that's usual when it's held every other month at Silvercrest.
Maybe non-attendees knew something I didn't: The program, Identity Theft, was so intensely boring, I almost got up and left. However, as I'm a member at large and was in the front row, I stuck it out. Steve, whom I know from lunch, came to tout next week's something-or-other for seniors at the YMCA; he sat next to me and we both threw out some--well, maybe gratuitous remarks.
I've done a fair number of workshops, seminars, and presentations and this hit all the no-no points for such things. First of all, the speaker, an earnest young woman from the credit union, opened by announcing that this talk usually takes an hour and a half, but she'd try to cut it down. Hey, I'd barely sustain interest that long for the Second Coming, let along identity theft, one of those trendy topics that's been done to death. Speaker handed out a big bunch of papers stapled together. She then started up a power point presentation which contained the exact same material. To top it off, she proceeded to read every point one-by-one. So there were three identical methods by which she presented the same material. Incidentally, it was written on about a sixth-grade level and there were grammatical errors here and there, but I was so benumbed, I didn't even point them out.
The topic itself is mundane and is one of those designed to keep the populace frightened out of their wits, the better to be fleeced by the powers that be. Also, it seems to me that anybody stupid enough to fall for some of the scams mentioned wouldn't be in a meeting like this, anyway.
Steve suggested I stay for lunch, but I didn't, as I didn't see Marie, whom I like, that day. Went from there to the library; took a few back and requested a certain book, which will probably come in next year. Stopped to buy grapes, cherries, lettuce, and tomatoes, then went home to chili for lunch. It was after 3:00 by then, but I took a load of wash to the laundry and, as required, did the back and forth thing.
I used to eat acorn squash a lot, but haven't for some time. Bought a nice one the other day and decided to have it for an early dinner. Roasted it and ate half; took a drive later.
I'm looking forward to lunch with Sailboat Sue today.

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