Monday, May 09, 2016

Mother's Day

What a fine day! After my sons'contacts on Saturday, I got a call from "my friend" yesterday on Mother's Day morning. We wished each other a happy one, then she asked if I had gotten her present. Why, no--I realized I had checked my mailbox (it's several yards away from my apartment) on Saturday, but had no mail. I said I'd look as soon as we finished talking, and I did. There I found a loving card and a beautiful pendent of red and gray, which she had made herself, of course. Wow, I immediately decided to wear something with like colors and I did. Called her back to say I got the present.
In the meantime, we had a good talk. They're still in Santa Fe, but will be leaving for Four Corners shortly. She had gotten Mike's message about coming over with the girls in June and she'll pick them up in Denver and take them here and there. Lucky kids; I would have done anything for such an excursion when I was that age.
Showered and washed my hair after that, then called Sue Of The Sailboat (it fits!) to ask if we could change our lunch date from Wednesday. Doris asked me to go to the Adult Center on that day, as they have a "birthday lunch" with live music. Sue and I agreed to meet at Brophy Bros. at the harbor on Tuesday, instead.
El got here about 12:30 to pick me up, carrying a card and a beautiful bouquet of flowers--roses, daisies, and lovely little purple blooms. We took a few selfies and then set off for Ojai. Got to the Ojai Beverage Company (I suggested it and El made reservations) for 1:00.
I ordered a "grave stinker" hamburger--lots of garlic sauce on a pretzel bun, plus salad--which was delish. They made it rare, as I always request (El: "Ugh, it's hardly cooked!") and I ordered the beer sampler to go with it. That consists of 5-ounce glasses of four different domestic and imported beers. So good!
After a leisurely time, we drove up in the hills of Ojai. We had been going to go to the park, but it was a little cool, so we went to the Kristimundi Center. Walked the trails a bit, then I asked if we could pick some oranges off the hundreds of trees that surround the place. (The last time we were here, we were told to take what we wanted.)
We picked four oranges, Ellen taking one and me the rest. (I have half an orange every morning with breakfast.)
Drove back and said goodbye about 4:00 after a such a good day. We figured out that this is the first time I spent Mother's Day with Ellen since she moved to California in 1989--27 years! So it was a special day.
My friend called after dinner to say she had gotten my call about receiving her gift. She said her grandsons had sent her a video and at the end, Joel, Jr. said, "Say hello to Mimi" (that's what they call me, as my grandchildren call me "Nana."). She'll try to send me a copy, though it's on her phone.

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