Thursday, May 26, 2016


Got my walking in yesterday. Went to SCAN at noon and registered; also signed a waiver. I didn't bother to read it, but presumably, it said something like "if you drop dead on this walk, don't blame us." Doris came in--I guess there were about 20 people in all--and at about quarter after, we started off. The leader was a woman named Colette? Colleen? Well, Co-something, who runs the harbor walk every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 am. I'm thinking about joining in--maybe next week. There was also a volunteer named Bob, who used to work at SCAN; he hastened to tell us he's 82. Bob turned out to be another rah-rah type, but not a bad guy.
We were first asked to pose for a picture outside. No prob, right? No prob, wrong! I don't know what idiot decided on this, but we were asked to go up on a "grassy knoll" (shades of the assassination!) next to the SCAN building. Well, neither Doris nor I wanted to risk going down again, so we hung back. I'm not sure what kind of picture it turned out to be and I don't like having mine taken anyway and I thought this was a weird idea.
Anyway, we finally started off. Unfortunately, Doris has some serious hip and leg problems and can only shuffle slowly. I didn't want to leave her by herself and Bob was the backup person, so we walked with her and quickly fell far, far behind the rest of the group. About halfway in, Doris said she didn't want to continue, so went back to the SCAN building; I then caught up with the rest and strode quite vigorously for the rest of the walk. I'd estimate we went about a mile--maybe a bit more--which pleased me, of course.
Back at SCAN, we all received various "prizes." I won a free back and neck massage from a woman who works at SCAN. She came in to be introduced and I'm actually looking forward to it; I do have to make an appointment.
Got back home about 2:00 and--my usual most days--made a big salad for lunch. I decided I need a potted plant for the living room. Went to Trader Joe's, The Green Thumb, and a few other places, trying to decide what to buy. I should probably get a plain old philodendron, which are almost impossibly to kill, but I loved a purple campulula (or something), so may get that, but can't decide. In the meantime, I took one of the small patio plants inside.
After dinner, I drove to the library--I appreciate the fact they're open until 7:00 weeknights except Fridays--took a few back and got a few. I'm still on the Kennedy kick--not sure how long it will last and then I'll get enamored of another subject.
I was surprised to get a call from Leatrice in the evening and we had a pretty long talk. I hadn't heard from her since our lunch at Jasmine Thai a few weeks ago and am not sure if she's as compatible as some of my other new friends.
I didn't sleep well the last two nights--not sure why, but hope it isn't a pattern.

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