Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Just as I had when Gabrielle called, I reacted with puzzled silence when "Lawrence" called in the morning. He identified himself as the owner of the condo about which I somewhat half-heartedly left a message to see last week. I doubt if the place is for me, for a variety of reasons, but thought I'd look at it and made a date with him for tomorrow at 10:00.
As planned, Nancy and I met at Milano's at noon. We were taken aback to see that the the patio overlooking the harbor was filled with what looked like middle school kids. Yes, the waitress said, several different classes made reservations and more will be coming after this group had eaten. They were a little noisy, but not bad--we had to sit inside, but no prob. A man at the next table assured us they were good kids; he was one of the teachers and we bantered back a forth a bit.
We both ordered meatball sandwiches, but Nancy suggested we share one, as they're on long torpedo roles. Good thought, especially as I had had a late breakfast and wasn't really hungry. In fact, we both left the roll and simply ate the meatballs with forks. Nancy still is undergoing dental work and I was happy to skip the calories.
We were way early for the movie, and Nancy wanted to stop at Aaron Brothers to get mats for her three latest paintings. Boy, they're beautiful: Two are of delicate pink roses, a full-blown and a bud, the other an artichoke. She chose mats for all and at the cash register, the salesperson suggested she might contact the Ventura Art Group as a possible outlet for selling her work. Hope so.
We had time to sit and talk before the movie, then paid our dollar each, and went in to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I hadn't seen the first one, but the other movies they had showing didn't look very enticing. I actually enjoyed the movie, which was very funny in spots. Of course, it consisted entirely of broad, broad, very broad humor, never leaving a cliche unturned or a stereotype undepicted: An elderly couple was always warring, but deeply in love; a black-clad grandma didn't speak English; a gay couple was embraced by all; a sullen teenager turns lovable halfway through--and so on. Naturally, everything turns golden by the end. It was cute, though quickly forgettable and not at all a bad way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.
We agreed we'd like to do this again on a dollar Tuesday when they show Mother's Day. I realize that's another I-could-have-written-it-myself comedy with a big dose of pathos for contrast, but so what? I don't see movies often, so d when I do, I enjoy them and tend to forgive a lot.

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