Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Changed my bed and did the wash-y dry-y thing right after breakfast, glad to be finished by 10:30. I had a large cauliflower, so cut it into florets and put it in the slow cooker with lemon pepper.
I'm continuing to go through some of the pictures I brought from Jersey to try to get them in some kind of order. Did that for several hours, then went to nearby Thille Park and walked--I think the route was about a half mile, maybe three-quarters. That's not much, but it's better than nothing and consistency is important. I'm determined to walk every day, steadily, for at least a total of a mile.
Had lunch, then took a dry run to check the route from Milano's to Regency Theatre, where Nancy and I are going today.
I was pleased to get an e-mail from Susan confirming our date in L.A. We made it for Thursday, June 9, and will meet at Union Station, probably just for lunch, as she and her friend, Pat, have to get back at 6:30 for a meeting. I'm going to check the train schedule; if I'm able to get back in daylight, I'll leave my car; otherwise, will ask somebody to take me and for Ellen to pick me up.
Got a call from Doris T. to tell me she's not going to the YMCA for the health and fitness thing tomorrow, but may to the SCAN Health Walk. Actually, I hadn't planned to go to the Y thing, anyway. I will see her and Carole the next day at Milano's for lunch, then for music at The Townehouse.
Went out to pick up a few things at the dollar store and, I must admit, to continue to listen to an audio book. I was so interested, I drove around a bit to hear more.
Home, I was about to sit down for early dinner, when the phone rang and I heard "Rosemary? This is Gabrielle." Gabrielle? Who's Gabrielle? The young woman who lives here whom I see at the laundry? It didn't sound like her and I was stumped until the person said she knew me from Golden Girls. Oh, of course! I had run into her near Ellen's the other day, we chatted and decided to meet for lunch; I gave her my card, but--I didn't remember her name! I didn't tell her that, but I apologized for my initial silent reaction and we made a date for Saturday--lunch at a Chinese place not far from me.

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