Sunday, May 22, 2016

Messages and Marge

Got some interesting messages--two good, one not.
1.) My New Mexico friend wrote a good, long e-mail to bring me (and other family and friends) up to date on their travels. She included several web sites from that area--I didn't really know how very beautiful the state is until I saw them. She calls me every week or so, also, and I'm happy about that.
2.) Susan G., my across-the-street neighbor in Little Egg, walking partner, and friend of 13 years, wrote me to say she'll be near L.A. in a few weeks to visit a friend and wondered if we could get together. I was delighted to hear that and immediately wrote that I can take a train there (it's only 65 miles, but I'd never dare drive it) so we could meet. Her friend, Pat, will come, too; I've met her, as Susan had me over for dinner a few years ago when Pat was there. This will be great fun.
3.) I wish the third one was as good: I received it from the son and daughter-in-law of my dear friend (in Sunrise Bay), Marge. They wrote that they were worried about Marge, as she had started staying in bed for long periods, too exhausted to get up. Marge is exactly (to the week) ten years older than I am, so she's--well, pretty old. Of course, I immediately called her, but the message machine was on. I said I'd call her again in an hour, but in the meantime, got another message to the effect that she might be being taken to the hospital. An additional message asked if I'd call her tomorrow (now today) at 2:00, east coast time and naturally, I said I would. I assume she wasn't hospitalized after all, but I have an uneasy feeling about her condition.
Aside from that: Because I want to increase my walking and active time, I drove to town, parked the car, and went to various shops several blocks apart. Stayed about an hour, on my feet all the time. I didn't buy anything, but enjoyed being out and about on a beautiful day, in a bustling town full of people of all ages and all walks of life. I passed a woman about to get in a a shiny black Jaguar, young couples chattering in Spanish, children and babies, old people with canes, and teenagers prancing along, sublimely confident they'll live forever. What a fine day.
Home, I oven-heated the already-cooked chicken and root vegetables I had defrosted for dinner. Betty called and we chatted for a bit.

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