Wednesday, October 30, 2013

'Your Ghost Story'

Got word from Tara that she is unable to be in the cast of Hell On Wheels, after all.  Ouch!  With Julie's withdrawal, that left two open spots.  However, I called Kathy
D. and she'll take Julie's role.  That still left one open.  Talked to Frank-Next-Door, who plays the devil, and told him I'd call Lucille P.  Did so, but she has another commitment on Tuesdays, so regretfully declined.
Stumped on anyone else to approach around here (the person needs to be in her late thirties to upper fifties), I e-mailed Louise S., from Players & Playwrights.  After some back and forth, she agreed to accept the role.  Now to get the new cast together.
Went to "Your Ghost Story" with Aline at the library at 7:00.  It was done by a husband and wife team from Traveling Literary Theatre out of Jackson, NJ, and was very entertaining.  The two read--with plenty of acting out--four ghost/horror stories and were properly attired in Halloweenish wear.  She wore a black, silver-trimmed gown, he a black, old-fashioned frock coat suit.  Frank and Barbara were there, also, and we approached the team after to chat for a bit.  When I told them I had been in Arsenic playing Aunt Martha, the wife, Maggie, laughed and said she had played Aunt Martha when she was 25 and that's how she met husband, who was also in the show!

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