Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Veggie Prep

Quite remarkably, I actually did what I intended yesterday: veggie preparation.  Made a salad with the spring mix and tomatoes; boiled the curly kale in preparation for eventual stir-flying with finely-chopped onions and garlic, which I prepared and put in the refrig; washed, pared, and chopped the eggplant, which I put in the small slow cooker with fresh tomatoes and seasonings; ditto with the carrots and Daikon radishes in the large slow cooker; and trimmed, chopped, and microwaved the cauliflower with Mrs. Dash.  I still have the purple cabbage and mysterious greens.  Well, that's not the real name, but I don't know what they are.  E-mailed my friend and she thinks they're another type of kale, but they look more like a salad ingredient to me.  No matter, I'll stir-fry, eat, and hope for the best. 
All that took the entire morning.  After a lunch of salad, cauliflower, and newly-prepared veggies (what else?), I took a drive to Barnegat, first stopping in to say hello to Susan.
Hmm...now I'm getting worried about her again.  Susan was always a dynamo of activity, but now suddenly seems slow-moving and frail.  She probably has gained some weight, although still very thin, but still hasn't resumed our morning walk. She  said she and Walter walk later in the day, but only around the "block" (actually, our development is not laid out in "blocks," but they can be approximated).  She also said she "rests"--takes a nap, I guess--in the afternoon.  That in itself concerns me; I never knew her to nap before. 
Tomorrow will mark two weeks since I took her to the hospital.  She was in for ten days and had had bad stomach pain before that.  I guess, being healthy, it's hard for me to believe somebody should suffer that long.
Got a delightful call from Ellen and we had a good talk about some good news she confided.  Yes, yes, all is good, but I refuse to reveal any more than that. 

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