Saturday, March 31, 2012

There's nothing I believe less than the idiot cliche "Everything happens for a reason." The simple-minded often repeat it, thinking it sounds intelligent, clubby, and mysterious. Nope, just dumb and dumber.
And that's leading up to: I decided, lazy do-nothing that I am, to skip exercise yesterday. After our walk, I settled down to the "Blowin'..." piece on Donna T. When my usual 9:00 breakfast time came, I wasn't hungry yet, so decided to defer. Call from the doctor's office, informing me that I had overlooked one of the "scripts" (I'm still so new to that version of "prescriptions" I put it in quotes) I had been given, so didn't get all have blood work done. I have an appointment on Monday to discuss same, so thought I'd have to postpone. Well, maybe not. Did I eat? No. Have anything in my coffee besides sweetener? No. Okay, I could go over and have the rest done. I did, although it was 9:30 by then, was taken fairly quickly and am glad to know I can have my coffee first.
NOW--Wasn't it providential that I--oddly--skipped exercise and--oddly--deferred breakfast? Didn't all that happen for a...?
Nah, just a coincidence.
Got home and made a salad, then continued working on my article. Also finally was able to ferret out the Dionne picture I had scanned.
Leslie called, saying she was sitting in the sun on her front porch and would I like to come down and join her. I did, walking the three doors down, and found her friend, Mary (her informal quilting teacher) was there, too. Johanna H. from across the street came over and we had a pleasant chat. Les invited us in for tea, but I wanted to get to Shop-Rite, so begged off.
All I needed was softener sheets, but somehow managed to spend forty bucks--then realized I had forgotten the softener sheets. No prob.
Received one of my darling daughter-in-law, N.'s exquisite cards, this for Easter. E-mailed my thanks, then, in the evening got a Skype call from P. and she.
Good heavens, it'll be April tomorrow!

Friday, March 30, 2012

I should be skinny as a rail! Considering yesterday, I should be built like Twiggy or the man who owned he Chinese restaurant in Lawrenceville (oh,never mind).
After our usual walk and breakfast, I wrapped a large package I had been asked to send to the U.K.. Continued--tearing out my hair--to try to find the picture I had scanned, and worked on the Dionne Program description for the Stafford and Barnegat libraries.
In light of her ferocious allergies I called Marge to see if she was up to the visit we had planned yesterday. She was, and we had a good chat. She shared with me two memoirs she had written, both very interesting and one harrowing--Fred had been caught in a holdup at a motel down south. At this point, I'm trying to figure how to run them or parts of them in The Breeze. As they stand, they're just too long.
Sent off the package--to the tune of $52.40--and got home to realize I still hadn't pulled together the information I needed for the income tax. Got out my records and realized the last three years were all thrown together in one of the big covered woven boxes I have in the study. Started going through them, had to make some phone calls for information, then realized I had to work up some questions for Donna T., whom I was interviewing shortly.
Gobbled some salad from yesterday while pulling them together and got to Donna's in time. Spent time with her, then rushed home to finish compiling the tax stuff for my 3:30 appointment...
I must pause here to note that the denizens of Bank of America will surely rot in the same hell where the Comcast crowd is headed. Looked on BOA's site to get the LOCAL number for my LOCAL bank--I still have an account there--and they don't list it! You have to call the 800 number which, of course, is all a recording and assumes you wanted info on your account, but I just had a simple question, that's all,you idiots! Can't even remember how, but finally got it, called, got the answer, although not the one for which I had hoped, and finally finished up.
Got to H.R,Block on time, finished up the sorry business and am getting some dough back, so that's that, I'm happy to say. When I got home,I actually went through that huge box, threw away a lot of crap, and put all the 2012 records by themselves. Should have done that last year.
Whew! What a day! And today, I've got--hmm, nothing going on. Darn, that's going to be pretty dull...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Went to Maria at H.R Block at 11:00. She's been doing my taxes since I moved here and I like her a lot. However, I carelessly neglected to bring some of my deductible records with me, so have to go back this afternoon.
Spent a lot of time on the computer. Finally pulled together a synopsis of the Quints program for the Stafford and Barneget branches of the library. Unfortunately, after scanning a picture of three postcards, I couldn't find it anywhere on the computer. I wanted to add as an attachment, and it's just not there. Damn!
Finally got around to sending the Tootie skit to Ed S. and John P. of the Plays and Playwrights group. They haven't yet acknowledged.
Got a call from my cousin, Ton B., in Pennsy. His son, also Tom, has applied for a position at Rider and he asked if I might be able to put in a word. I called the younger and we had a long talk. I told him I'd e-mail Mike R. and Phil V., both of whom interviewed him. Did so and got an acknowledgement back from Mike.
Got out the Easter decoraions and put them around, including the big bunny on the front door. Still don't know what I'll be doing on Easter. Susan's daughter invited me over there for dinner, but I'm not sure if the northern dwellers might be having something.
Marge D. e-mailed me, saying she'd like to send a memoir to The Breeze. This is good news on several counts: 1. We're always looking for new residents to submit pieces; 2. I know Marge writes well, so the paper will be better for her work; 3. Best of all, it indicates Marge is feeling better than she has. I asked if I could stop in and she was agreeable. Said I'd call first and would probably be there about 11:00.
Am interviewing Donna T. at 1:30 and going back with the tax info at 3:30.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Arrived at Atlantic Imaging a little early, they took me early, and I was outta there at 7:45. After breakfast, I went over my Tootie play, which I'll submit to see if Plays and Playwrights will include it the June 3 performance. Renamed it Tootie Looks At Real Estate. (I think The Return Of Tootie suggests it's a sequel, which it is, but I can't find the first Tootie.) It took most of the morning to reformat it in the approved arrangement (character names in the middle, etc.).
Had a long list of errands to run and, remarkably, completed every one of them. These included buying a small battery clock, face scrub, cottage cheese, dryer balls, and gas, as well as going to the Barnegat Library to see if they want me to do my Quints program there. The manager--another young person who had never heard of the Dionne Quintuplets--was very nice and asked me to send her a description. Will do, and I have to send to the Stafford Library, too.
I was sorry to have finished both Emma and Life Itself* (CD). Took them back and got out Harold, an autobiography by Hal Holbrook. So far, it's pretty good.
Didn't get home until almost 4:00 and, because I had had only a small salad for lunch, was ravenous. Cut up Brussels sprouts, nuked and ate 'em, then did the same to a cauliflower and ate half. Made stir fry for dinner.
Getting the income taxes done today.
* I want to get the print version of Life and copy some passages in the last chapter. Roger Ebert's beliefs about religion and attitudes about death and an afterlife resonate strongly with me. He was raised Catholic--in fact, his mother had her heart set on him being a priest--but is no longer a believer in the supernatural. He objects, though, to being categorized as atheist or agnostic, not because he has some lingering belief, but because, among other reasons, he's "more interested in the questions than the answers."

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to the dentist to get an impression, which I had been dreading, but really wasn't too bad. Was glad to hear I could get the partial back at 5:20.
Barb H. had mentioned at the Covered Dish that she wanted to make cranberry bread, but couldn't find cranberries at this time of year. I told her I had about two pounds in the freezer and wasn't going to save them until November. Did she want them? She did and I walked them down to her.
Went to B.J.'s and B & B (also known as Tucker Tom's) for cottage cheese, face scrub,and a farm load of veggies. Stopped at the library to change my Dionne Quintuplet presentation to June 5. I saw that May 16 is the day of the Women's Club luncheon, so I want to skip that.
Rosemarie M. stopped to tell me there's been another robbery in our community. Jack and Kathy D., whom I know well, lost jewelery and cash. This is the second in the last month. Well, I'm not going to get all paranoid about it.
Went back to get my partial and it now fits fine, but I made the decision not to go there for a regular dentist, so asked for my records from Dr. L.
Went to Odd Couple rehearsal last night and sat in on the reading. It's going to be terrific, I know.
Mammogram at 7:30, so must close.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Got an early cam call from the Tokyo Twosome. P. put a "speaking clock" on my compuer; it announces the time every thirty minutes.
Decided on the less calorie-laden version of the corn casserole to make for the covered dish. This simply calls for corn (whole and cream), eggs, flour, and sugar, as opposed to the other, which included Jiffy cornbread mix, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. I made a double recipe and it took considerably longer than an hour to cook, but turned out great. Got it to the clubhouse a bit after 5;00 (warming racks were provided to keep hot things hot), then went back home to dress.
Sat with Ray and Barb H., the other H.'s, Linda and Fred P., and Linda's cousin, Barbara Something, who also lives in Sunrise Bay. I brought a cooler with Blue Moon and Bud, and had one of each.
The food was terrific: ham, chicken, Swedish meatballs, Polish kielbasa, and a multitude of other entrees, as well as a vast variety of salads and sides, and here and there, a hot veggie. My corn casserole was completely gone by the end of the evening and two neighbors came up to tell me how much they liked it.
Of course, the desserts were fabulous, too. I had strawberry shortcake and a miniature cupcake--too stuffed for more. Coffee and tea were served, along with the good conversation and the enjoyment of being among 80 friends.
Music was provided by a singer--elderly, in fact--and the young fellow with him who played several instruments. By then it was after 8:00 and since dancing had started*, I said my goodbyes and left.
Got home for my usual Sunday night cam call from Ellen and we had a good talk. Also got a call from Betty and got to bed late, about 10:00.
WIDER: Here's good old Fred, telling it as he sees it. I'm getting more and more worried he could be telling as it is:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Attended the March Plays and Playwrights session, held yesterday at the Margate Library for some reason; it's usually in Ventnor. My play was read, but I was surprised when it elicited laughs, although it was meant to be serious. I wasn't upset by this, but it made me realize the material may just not be "serious." I was urged to work on it, but I don't think I will. I never was satisfied with it, anyway, so will junk it.
Our leader, Ed S., announced that we'd have an actual performance with audience on June 3 at Beth El Synagogue in Margate. Members can submit their works for consideration to be included. Think I'll send in The Return Of Tootie! May change the title.
After, as we had planned, I went to Betty's. Her new bathroom is shaping up very nicely--tub, toilet, floors and lower half of the walls done. Looks much bigger already. Betty made a delicious meal of salad, salmon, rice, mixed veggies, and brownies, which I enjoyed so much. Even better was our warm, sisterly talk.
Got home when it was just getting dark, driving through heavy rain. I was concerned that my porch furniture cushions would get wet, but they didn't.
Covered dish supper tonight.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Catching up day. Went to Shop-Rite and B.J.'s, then stopped at the Stafford Library to see if they might be interested in my Dionne Quints program. Talked to an "adult services librarian," who was interested, but said their schedule was set for May and they didn't do adult programs in the summer. She asked if I'd be willing to present during Women's Month next March. It's a whole year from now, but I agreed. She asked me to e-mail her some info on the subject. Drove to Barnegat, but couldn't find the library. Not sure if I'll pursue this or just stick to the Little Egg Library.
Saw I had missed a cell phone call from brother Frank; listened to the voice mail and heard he had called my land line, too, and it didn't answer. I think I have it set for too many rings. Called him back and we had a nice chat.
Donated to Emma N.'s high schoold softball team. She played my maid in Night Must Fall and is Tonya N.;s daughter.
Actually sat for a time on the porch in the afternoon, with a Blue Moon and Emma. Susan and Walter got home (he had taken her to Connecticut for her birthday) and I brought their mail and my gift over. She loved it.
Plays And Playwrights group in Ventnor today. I'm bringing my I Have Something To Tell You short play.
WIDER: This needs no comment:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Drove up to Waretown early and was told to leave off the partial. I was surprised nobody asked me what the problem was, but figured they already knew. Was told they'd get them back to Dr. DeM's office, then I'd be called between 1:00 and 2:00.
After breakfast, I finally planted the pansies that were "favors" at Susan's party, along with the others I had bought. Put them around the tree in the front and Added my wire Easter bunny. Looks very nice.
Puttered around, then the northern dweller came about noon. We had lunch, she went for a run. By the time she got back, it was after 3:00, so I called the dentist's office. I was annoyed to brusquely be told, "You'll have to have an impression made, so you can come and get the partial and make an appointment for that." What?! When were they planning to let me know this? They were supposed to call me by 2:00.
Oh, the hell with going on with this damn story. The upshot is, I went back and got the partial and now have to decide if I want to continue with this outfit or not.
Picked up Leslie and Mary at 6:00 and drove the Surflight theatre on Long Beach Island to see Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Coat. Wow, what a spectacular show! I had had no idea of what is actually was; turned out to be what I would call an operetta--or maybe not, but it was all sung, although not operatically. I thought it curious that, although it's from a bible story it never mentioned God or the supernatural, or at least, I didn't hear any reference to the deity.
Anyway, it was great fun to see and hear. After, Neil G., who played a kind of Elvis Presley-ed Pharaoh (don't ask) came out and we chatted. Also saw Judi, his wife.
Got home a bit before 10:00 and slept until 7:30,for heaven's sake. Didn't walk and shame on me, but it's Susan's birthday and Walter took her to some mysterious destination overnight. Have a present for her, but will see her later.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Went over to Boscov's and got Susan (it's her birthday) a wonderful little solar-powered metal kitty cat for her garden. Headed for the cemetery after and, while driving on the Black Horse Pike, heard a horn from somebody in the other lane--it was Betty, on her way to lunch with a friend. We pulled into a parking lot and laughed over the coincidence. She invited me to come to lunch, too, but I begged off because I had to wait for the call from Dr. DeMarco;s office.
That came at 1:00 and I went back to get the repaired partial. Unfortunately, there's a problem. The dental hygienist removed some of the acrylic several times, so it fit more snugly and I thought all was well. Drove north to top at Habitat Thrift Shop, looked in the mirror, and saw it looks horrible! The tooth seems be jutting out from the gum. Drove back to dentist's and was advised I should go to the dental lab in Waretown to have it adjusted.
Damn, this is annoying. I should submit a bill for the gas, plus the use of my valuable time--. Oh, that's right, my time isn't that valuable.
Stopped at the library and got a CD of Doubt, which I've seen before. I thought Meryl Streep was miscast, as was Amy Adams (who dat?), a cute little starlet playing a nun. I wanted to see again Philip Seymour Hoffman in his portrayal of a priest before Vatican II. He was so perfect, so spot on, it's a pleasure to watch him.
The northern dweller called and will come today, as she had parent-teacher conferences this evening. I'm going to Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Coat with Leslie and Mary, but not until 6:00, so will be glad to see her.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slow, slow, slow day, my least favorite. Went to the dentist's office at 2:00 and ran into Richard and Sandy N. while there. Chatted for a bit, but these are the most boring and tiresome people on the planet, so it was no treat.
Neither was the information on how much replacing my tooth will cost: $238! Highway robbery, of course, and naturally, you can't just go to a dental lab and have it done; have to go through a dentist. Oh, well. Will go there, I guess, for my toothy needs henceforth.
Stopped at the clubhouse to see if my (prescription) sunglasses were there, as I can't find them. They weren't.
Pulled a few weeds, but just felt tired and out of sorts. Made it worse by eating when I wasn't hungry. Went to the library and got a movie: Babel, with Brad Pitt. Watched most of it last night and it slowly dawned on me I already saw it.
Went to bed very early and slept fitfully, as the saying goes.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Conferred with Susan about what to bring to the Covered Dish Supper. Decided on a corn casserole. After exercise, picked up one of the foil pan I'll fill for it.
Went back to the cemetery early and planted the two mums at Jay's grave. Still couldn't get the full roots of the Mexican heather out either there or at Pat's, but succeeded to cutting it back. I can't understand this, as it's an annual and there's no hint of new growth on it.
Got a call from Judy K. asking if I wanted a ride with them to the Dine Around on Sunday. I thanked her, but told her I'm going to the covered dish at the clubhouse.
Went to Dr. DeMarco's dentist office and found I can't just deal directly with a dental lab to replace my tooth--have to go through a dentist. Made an appointment for 2:00 and was told they'd repair overnight.
Stopped at Aline's to drop off a flyer for next month's opera, for which she was very appreciative. I was interested to hear that Dr. DeMarco is some kind of relative of hers and she had actually been in Manhattan (anything north of Newark is Manhattan to me) on Sunday for a party for his father.
Went home to shower, then picked up Leslie and her sister and cousin. We went to Dynasty Diner and had a nice dinner and good conversation. Les and her sister, who's eight years older, couldn't be more different, but I enjoyed the evening.
WIDER: No need to list an article or other reference about Robert Bales, the poor guy who killed a few of the enemy terrorists (those two-year-olds are dangerous); the news is everywhere. Naturally, our government got quickly on the case and, with their whores, the press, have been frantically spinning--so fast they might just sail out of sight--to the effect that he had a head injury, money troubles, acne, fallen arches, and was potty-trained too early. Most definitely, his actions do NOT, as everybody knows, reflect the values and morals and shining history of the U.S. military and all our leaders are SHOCKED and APPALLED and SADDENED and all that other crap that he didn't have the courtesy to WAIT until our drones and bombs and foreign policies had a chance to kill the babies properly.

Monday, March 19, 2012

After our walk, I took an early breakfast, then took the mums to the cemetery. Planted two at Pat's grave, but must go back to Jay's as I couldn't get the remains of the Mexican heather out. It's an annual I put in last year and it's right in front. Will go back today or tomorrow. Must also plant the pansies out front here.
Jumped in the shower when I go home, then went to "Sunday At The Opera" at 1:00. I was pleased to see Renee back, along with a friend from Mystic Shores, as well as Barb H., who doesn't usually come.
Mary Ann ran Andre Previn's A Streetcar Named Desire again, which I enjoyed again. Didn't get out until 4:30, then drove to Manahawkin to look for a small clock. Didn't find what I want yet at Kohl's, Target, Bed 'N' Bath, K-Mart, or Wal-mart--maybe because I'm not sure what I want.
Got a call from Fred B. and told him I'm going to the Covered Dish at the clubhouse instead of Dine Around. Why it's on the same night is beyond me. Now I have to find out what I can make and make it.
I'm deep into Jane Austen's Emma and at the same time, am listening (in the car) to Roger Eber's new autobiography, Life Itself. Both are just enthralling, although very different, of course. It goes to show how wonderfully versatile literature is--more so than the other arts, it seems to me.
Talked to Betty to tell her Donna had conveyed her sister-in-law's great appreciation for Betty's hospice care for her mother.
Had my cherished weekly Skype visit with Ellen, ranging over a variety of topics. I miss her so much, but acually seeing her, as well as talking to her, is a great help.
Dinner with Leslie tonight.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A wonderfully fun day! Early on, had Skype calls from my two sons. I had sent the little girls "tattoos" (washable transfers) for St. Patrick's Day, and both had green shamrocks on their cheeks--so cute. Mike was able to hook up a "three way," so London, Little Egg, and Tokyo could all share the screen.
Donna got here a bit early so we had time to chat before leaving for the GREAT RACE!!! (Okay, the first annual 5K Leprechaun Run/Walk.) The northern dweller was one of the key organizers, so I was glad there was a nice crowd. We learned later they were hoping for 200 participants and got 27 over, so that was good. Signed in, and because I had registered beforehand on-line, got a tee-shirt so big I'll be able to wear it as a dress, but no matter.
Everybody got arm or wrist bands with clips that keep track of you and off we went. Donna and I were walking, not running, of course, and we had a fine time. Three miles plus a bit is a good walk on a nice day.
There was some unfortunate snafu with the finishing times, so we had to wait a bit, but the results were: some guy won the bike for finishing first overall (in the race, of course), the northern dwellers each got first place medals for their age categories...
...AND I WON A MEDAL! I'm still puzzled as to why exactly, but this was in the 60-and-over category and I was probably only one of three who entered. Amid great hilarity, the northern couple and I had our pictures taken; Donna was so funny in bemoaning the fact that she was "the only family member not to win a medal."
It was only a bit after noon, so we stopped for a time, then left for SeaOaks. Marilyn got there a bit late (she had been there before, but missed the turn into the Legacy Restaurant. I introduced my two--what I call "younger friends"--and they hit it off right away. We all had SeaOaks' incomparable Cobb salad and good, convivial talk.
Parted after a leisurely lunch and I got home to hear a message from Leslie. Dennis will be away overnight and would I be able to have dinner on Monday? Yes, indeedy; I called her back and we'll go to Dynasty tomorrow.
I thought I'd get back to the cemetery today to put in the little mums, but I'll go to opera at 1:00. Maybe I'll drive and go directly from there.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Betty and Muckie were running late, so I went to Shop-Rite before Italian Gourmet where we were having lunch. Susan had given each of her female dinner guests a packet of six pretty pansies, tied up with a ribbon and when I saw more, I bought them.
We had a congenial lunch. I had picked up a spray of flowers and a card for Muckie--it was her birthday--and gave Betty the "bath balls" from Susan, along with the gift card I got her from Bed 'n' Bath.
After we parted, I headed over to the cemetery and was pleased to see sprays of lovely little Narcissus (miniature daffodils) blooming on each side of Pat''s grave. I had forgotten I had planted them. Then went to Jay's and saw the full-sized daffys were about to open there, too. That inspired me to zip down to Produce Junction and get four pots of little white mums to add to the graves. As I was leaving, I saw some wonderful pineapple plants. Yes, yes, they consist of spreading leaves and a cunning little pineapple in the middle. Could I walk out without one? Of course not, and I didn't.
Stopped at Canal's to replenish the wine cellar (the wooden rack in the dining room) and got home about 5:00. I had eaten only half of my Reuban for lunch, so had the rest for dinner.
Printed out what my friend, Pat R., had put on her blog. Muckie asked for a copy and I put it in the mail.
Expecting Pat's niece, Donna, at 9:00 and we're going to do the 5K walk together, then meet Marilyn for lunch.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Finally bestirred myself to start moving older things out of the guest room and moving Dionne Quintuplet things in. The guest room is my base of operations for any project, new on on-going, that includes artifacts. I removed a lot of the toys and games I had accumulated for when any children--granddaughters and great-grandsons, mainly--visited and took them to the SOCH thrift store. On the way home, I started to cry; I no longer have children visiting and I'm so sorry.
Spent the afternoon in an unusual activity: I watched a movie called Jacob's Ladder and was absolutely enthralled. I can't remember where I read about it, but I think on a list of people's favorite movies. It's 22 years old, stars Tim Robbins. I don't want to mention the plot because I can't do that without spoiling it to some extent, but boy, I thought it was great, although hardly light-hearted.
Susan's dinner party helped to lift my spirits. Besides herself and Walter, she had the L.'s, Ray and Barb H., and Bessie and Bob F. I had nothing green to wear, so I wore black and white and added the brooch from Ireland Mike had given me. Didn't realize before that you can wear it as a pendant and that's what I did. Everybody remarked on it.
Bessie asked me what medication I take for fear of flying and I filled her in on Ativan. She and Bob are flying to Seattle to attend his granddaughter's R.N. graduation and she's as scared as I was to fly.
Susan had her traditional corned beef and cabbage, boiled potatoes, and carrots, plus cake with green icing. Of course, there were copious amounts of alcohol: I had the very dark Guinness beer, Chardonnay, plus a little brandy, Bushmill's in my coffee, and Irish Creme over my ice cream. Sounds as if I'd be on the floor, but in truth, I didn't have large amounts of any of it.
Susan gave each of the women beautiful six packs of pansies, tied with ribbon--what a nice gesture, especially considering I've been admiring her already planted pansies.
An unfortunate incident happened, though: Barb had made two loaves of very tense authentic soda bread, one plain, one with currents and other things in it. Naturally, I had to take a slice of the latter and when I bit into it, I broke a tooth off my partial upper plate. I was able to retrieve it and, having no pockets, without anyone noticing, slipped it into my bra. I hope it will be able to be reattached.
Meeting Betty and Muckie for lunch today.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Oreo day. The cookie parts on either end were good, the middle blah vanilla. Took my car to Mastercraft and found there's nothing wrong with the air conditioning. I'm not sure why it didn't seem to work before, but it does now and that's all I need. Good thing, too, because it was wonderfully--but a little eerily for the middle of March--warm.
Finally heard back from the doctor's office to the effect that I should continue taking the Ramipril and stop the Lovastatin, but get another blood test in September. Went to Manahawkin to pick up the R.
Was pleased to get an invitation to J.'s and J.'s First Communion on April 22. Hope we'll be going.
After that, I just kind of lazed around. Made a salad and got a few things separated in the guest room to take to the thrift store. I have a lot of toys I need to donate, but I'm finding it hard to do. It makes me sad that children no longer come here and with my granddaughters in London and great-grandsons in upstate Pennsylvania, that situation isn't going to change. It hurts to realize that.
Put one of the wicker chairs and the table back on the porch and actually sat out there reading for a time.
Other than that, didn't do much until I met up with Mary S. at the Jane Austen program at the library. The program was good and even better, another neighbor whom I didn't know was there and we got acquainted. After, we chatted and she mentioned she's writing a book. I have the idea she has an interesting back story, too, so I asked if she'd allow me to interview her for a "Blowin'..." article. She agreed and I got her number.
So that was the day. Corned beef and cabbage dinner at Susan's tonight.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ran lots of errands. Called the doctor and stopped over there, as there's some confusion about my medication--or at least, I'm confused.
Got an e-mail from Frank-Next-Door to say Barbara's father had died. He was 95 and under hospice care in Arcadia nursing home, so it was expected. I went over, expressed my condolences, and had a nice visit with them. The funeral will be in New York on Saturday, but a memorial service will be held later at St. Theresa's here.
It was so unbelievably warm--surely at least 75--that I made an appointment to get my car air conditioner fixed; will go this morning. It's annoying that I had to have it repaired less than a year ago because it had a hole in it or something. Of course, there's no guarantee and it's out again.
I ran across a program on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last year. It was very well done, concentrating on the regions hit by the water, and absolutely harrowing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saw Mary S. at exercise and she asked if I'd like to go to a library program on Wednesday about Jane Austen. I accepted and invited Leslie, too, but she isn't able to go. Les came over to get her ticket to Joseph and we chatted for a bit.
Heard from Kathy M. about the Blowin' In The Wind piece. There were two slight errors of fact, but otherwise, it's fine. Corrected while she was on the phone and sent it to The Breeze.
Got my car washed for maybe the third time in eight years. The side and back windows were so covered with ocean spray I couldn't see out of them.
Went to Santori's to stock up on a plethora of veggies. Stopped at the library to return Sugar Nation, which outlines the dangers of sugar and carbs. That ties right into a feature in the NYTimes about very young children having a lot of cavities, I'm afraid.
While there, it occurred to me to ask if the library would like me to do a program on the Dionne Quintuplets in their birth month of May. Talked to the branch manager, Kelly, and she was enthusiastic about it--after I told her who they were. It seems incredible that she never heard of them, but she looks to be on the sunny side of thirty, so I guess that's why. We set a date for May 16 at 6:30.
I had asked the visitor from the north if I could see more of here and we decided to meet at 4:00 at Freedom Fields, the park nearby. We did, and took a good hike through the woods of about three miles.
Stopped at Acme and picked up fresh salmon. Had that and broccoli for dinner.
Got a call from Maryann M., from Cranberry Creek, back from a month in Florida. She wanted to know if we were interested in doing a murder mystery next spring. I had to tell her we've put them on the back burner. Neil had been interested, but he's now involved in The Odd Couple, of course. Maryann also asked for a blurb for her community paper on The OC; I'll pass that on to Georgia, as I'm determined not to continue as publicity chair.
Just as I was about to step into the shower, got a call from Betty. Renovations on her bathroom are still in progress, but she's able to take a bath now, anyway, as the tub is in.
Tonya stopped after auditions about 9:00, as she had said she would to give me a script for The OC. Will start reading it to note the props.
Lots going on, just the way I like it!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Busied myself with domestic chores in the morning and early afternoon, showered, then drove to the old municipal building to attend auditions for The Odd Couple. Director Neil G. and others involved were standing around in the parking lot. Why? It was evident the locks had been changed, so the key Desi had been given didn't work. I'm sure this wasn't directed at the theatre group--well, I'm pretty sure--but is just another example of lack of communication.
Meantime, Jeff G. handed out the Girl Scout cookies he had sold for his little girl at one of the Night rehearsals (I had bought two and donated one, so owed $12). It was finally decided that we'd go over to the community center, which we've often used for rehearsals. We did and found two huge fire engines with ladders extended doing maneuvers or something in the parking lot. We also found that the center was being used by four autistic children and their parents and they refused to let us use part of the big room. (I can understand this, as autistic children are easily distracted.)
Neil then got the brilliant idea to audition outside at one of the parks. For some mysterious reason, he chose the Green St. Bay one, directly on the water, which was filled with whitecaps and flying spray. We tried to get out of the ferocious wind by huddling next to the restroom building and people actually read for parts there. Boy, was it cold. We were there abou 45 minutes. Jeff was great--if he doesn't get a major part, I'll eat the script--and another guy I don't know was pretty good.
After, Neil asked if I'd take over the props coordinator job. This is not finding props (and he calls this a "prop-heavy play"), but keeping track of where they came from and being sure they're returned. He had given me a choice of that or being in charge of group sales and I don't want that responsibility, so I agreed o the props thing. It should be too onerous and will keep me involved.
Jeff said his wife, Georgia, whom I know and like, would take over publicity; Aline can assist. I e-mailed Desi to see if he had gotten the material back from A.J., but he said he hadn't been in touch with her. He'll contact her.
Heard from P. and N. via Skype in the morning, then had a good long call with darling daughter Ellen in the evening to top off the day.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finished the "Blowin' In The Wind" article on Kathy and Mike M. It's not bad and I was able to keep it reasonably short. The picture of them came out nicely, too. Dropped it off so they could read and check for errors.
Went to Stafford Library and took out an audio book. It's Roger Ebert's autobiography and is so absorbing. He continues in his cruel fate of not being able to speak or eat food by mouth after cancer of the jaw. Also picked up a documentary on Emilio Carranza, which is absolutely enthralling.* It's somewhat amateurish, but so interesting with its vintage stills and grainy movies. I hope to attend the annual memorial service for Carranza in July, always held where his plane crashed in the heart of the South Jersey pinelands.
I'm going to attend the audition for The Odd Couple this afternoon. There's no part in it for me, but I want to observe.
*See my blog entry on 6/20/10 for more on Carranza.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Susan had a early doctor's appointment,so couldn't walk, but virtuous me went by myself. Also attended exercise. Got an early call from sister Betty and we decided to meet for lunch, as we both have more left on the Olive Garden gift cards brother Larry gave us for our joint birthday. Met at noon and had a good lunch and chat.
Continued my clearing out of the study drawers.
Got most the the "Blowing'..." interview with the M.'s written up. Must print it out and get it over to them, as they don't have a computer.
Got a call from Susan asking me to a St. Patrick's Day party on Thursday, which I was pleased to accept.
Later in the day, I felt bored and restless, so drove up to Manahawkin for no particular reason. I'm anxious for Daylight Savings Time--tomorrow!--so it stays lighter longer.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Don't even remember much of what I did yesterday morning--just chores and errands, as ever. Interviewed Mike and Kathy M. in the afternoon. One of the very interesting things about Mike is that he didn't know his last name until he joined the Navy at 17. It's a long Polish name and he was enrolled in school and so on as "Michael Michaels." In the days before computers and, for that matter, the compulsive recording and tracking we now take for granted, that was probably not too unusual.
After the interview, I called Marge to ask if I could drop in. She said of course and I did. I've been in a bit of a blue funk lately, and it always helps to confide in her. Felt better after and went home to take a short nap.
Susan has an early doctor's appointment, so won't walk, but I'm determined not to excuse myself--and will attend exercise, also.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

(The picture in the post below is of l. to r., Jeff, me, Kevin, and Emma in our respective roles inNight. Boy, I miss those guys.)
Got a unexpected, but welcome call, from Dr. K., who's the treasurer of Plays and Playwrights, and was responding to my e-mail questioning the appeal for members to send in $25 to $50 to keep the group going. He explained the (very informal) funding and it made sense to me. This seems to illustrate how a reasonable answer to a reasonable question serves better than a haughty response contained in the return e-mail I got from a Linda S.
I had signed up for the "Land of the Leprechaun" program and impulsively asked Leslie if she'd like to accompany. Was pleased when she accepted and I picked her up. It was fun--a combination of Irish songs and stories by a Mary Knysh--and I saw Kathy M. and her husband. As we were talking, it occurred to me they'd make good "Blowin' In The Wind" subjects; I asked if they'd allow me to interview me, they agreed, and I'll see them this afternoon. Also saw Aline B. there.
Got a call from Pat L. in the evening and we had a nice chat. Hadn't seen her for some time and it was good to catch up.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

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Over to Atlantic County for various errands--grocery shopping, mostly, that I could have done in Manahawkin. Just felt like going farther afield.
Got the script for You Can't Take It With You, which we're doing in October. I was disappointed in the fact that, although there are a lot of parts, none are completely ideal for me. Would love to play Penny, one of the major roles, but she's described as a woman in her fifties and--gulp!--not sure I could pass. The other two parts I could play are Gay Wellington, a drunken actress or Duchess Olga Katrina, of indeterminate ages. Problem with them is that they're very small parts--after Night, I'd love something meatier. Well, we'll see.
Received a very peculiar e-mail "appeal" from the Plays and Playwrights group, asking all members to send fifty dollars immediately to the treasurer, as he says they're running low on money. WHAT?! I wrote back asking if there were not dues, if not, why not, was there a treasurer's report and how odd I thought the request. Got a haughty message back from just an ordinary member to the effect that the leader gets a stipend, there are photo copy expenses, and so on and so forth, with the general tone great indignation that I should dare to question. Am formulating a reply.
Got Leslie's and my tickets for Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Coat, to which we're going on the twenty-second. Talked to Betty and that was my day.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lunch at SeaOaks with Aline and her sister, Susan. I had a scrumptious Cobb salad--nobody does it better than SeaOaks--and a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Had stopped into Susan's house first; she and Aline live in Mystic Shores. The house is filled with antiques--or antique-y looking things--somewhat to a fault. Interesting place.
Went on my usual rounds later: the library, Shop-Rite, and other non-too-interesting places.
Had some unpleasant e-mail exchanges with the person who was supposed to take over from me as publicity chair for LETCO. I'm trying to get my clippings back, so I can pass them on to Aline, who may be taking it over. I'm not so sure of the wisdom of that, though, as Aline neither drives nor has a computer.* Very nice person, and loves opera, so I'll introduce her to Mary Ann's "Sunday Musical Arts" programs.
*Don't know how people live without a computer. Or without coffee in the morning, for that matter. I haven't had any, as I'm about to leave for my blood test. Hate getting up without my Joe!
Later: Back from my blood test and enjoying my coffee.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Got a Skype call from P., who was able to "team view" and solve my CD problem. After walk and breakfast, ventured south and north. Drove to Atlantic County for peppers, cauliflower, and mushrooms at Produce Junction, then to Canal's for Chardonnay, Chablis, and Riesling. Stopped at the cemetery and saw that the Narcissus (miniature daffodils]( are blooming on Pat's grave. Went home to check my crock pot full of sweet potatoes, did wash, then fooled around on the computer.
At loose ends later in the day, I drove up to Forked River and stopped at a Shop-Rite for a few items. Was surprised and pleased to find the Stafford Library open and stopped in there. Checked out a movie called Double Take, which looked like the kind I usually like.
I'm determined to eat dinner later than I have been (6:00, which is when Pat liked to eat) and have at least pushed it back a half hour or so. Had stir-fry with turkey hot dogs.
Enjoyed a good Skype call with Ellen and we discussed a lot of calorie/weight issues.
Lunch with Aline B. and her sister today.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Relatively slow day. Made a big salad, hard-boiled eggs to put therein, and cut up onions, peppers, and mushrooms for my stir fry dinner (I add shrimp). Talked to sister Betty and went to Shop-Rite and other of my usual venues. Appealed to P. to "team view" my computer, as I couldn't figure out how to run a CD. Too long and involved to go into it, but he solved the problem.
During the daily 45 minutes of t.v. watching, I've been seeing The Godfather in all its manifestations (parts I, II, and III) on channel ? It's one of my favorite movies and I never fail to be shocked and horrified when Sonny gets shot at the tollbooth. Last night, I saw part of part II, almost on a par with part I. As for part III, it's so bad I won't watch it.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Am late with this entry for a nice reason: Got a Skype call from Mike and adorable little Violet in London. She's so precious; Daddy had taught the girls to make bird feeders out of (can't remember what) and he was able to show me them hanging in trees in the yard. The picture quality was just remarkable. Mike said they got a new computer and since mine is new, also, it was high def T.V. Wonderful.
Went to my new doctor yesterday and fell in love. This is a terrific guy and I had a good chat with him. He says he loves my blood pressure and loves my heart! I had run out of two medications, both for BP and he said I didn't have to take them anymore, at least while my pressure is so good (of course, I can't remember what it was yesterday).
This is a second career for Dr. Philip Whiting, who's a D.O. He's from Houston and was a geologist in the Texas oil fields, for heaven's sake. However, he developed a melanoma from being in the sun all the time and decided to pursue his interest in medicine. After an early divorce, he married his med school instructor and they live in Haddonfield. They have three daughters, one of whom is only nine. He had been with Virtua for several years before coming to Little Egg. I'm entranced by people with interesting backgrounds, and he really wowed me.
Rest of the day, I did chores, went to Manahawkin, and generally did this and that. Talked to Aline B., who had asked if I wanted to go to lunch. I'll pick her and her sister up on Monday and we'll go to SeaOaks.
Was in touch with Tonya about the current upheaval--or something--with A.J., who supposedly had taken over publicity but, in Tonya's words, "didn't do jackshit." I thought that expression was so funny; hadn't heard it before.
Went to the thrift store in the evening and gave back the two skirts and blouse I had bought for Night. Had a nice chat with the volunteers there.
WIDER: I want to share this piece by my friend, Rob Payne. Its truth, force, and clarity are exceptional, especially the part about ordinary Iranians having much more in common with ordinary Americans then either do with their "leaders." Rob's view of Obama-excusers is also right on the mark.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Had an imaginary talk with myself: "You've been lazing around too long, spending too much time on the computer, skipping exercise, and--most important--eating recklessly. You've gotta get back in the healthy mode," I didn't even try to argue, as I knew I was right, so decided to straighten up and fly right.
Went to B&B to get lettuce, then to Shop-Rite for other stuff. Cleaned the bathroom in depth and did wash. Cut up cauliflower made salad, and had that for lunch. I did sit and read for a time, but sans food and drink.
Got an e-mail from Aline asking if I could got to lunch on Monday or Tuesday. I'm free both days and think I'll invite A. and her sister over here and ask Jeanne S., too.
Mary Ann Van O. called to see if I could go to Grease last night instead of tonight, as she wanted to see the Friday evening movie at the clubhouse. Said okay and I picked her up. Saw Tonya in the lobby and we fell on each other--my stage niece--with hellos and hugs. The show was good, full of energy, of course, these are high school kids.
When I got home, I had a message from Betty, who was worried because she hadn't been able to get me at home or on the cell. Called her back. Also had a message from Donna, Pat's niece; I had called her to tell her about Betty being her brother's mother-in-law's hospice case manager. Also want to tell her I was on stage with Tonya, who works with Donna at NAFAC. Will call her back at work.
Had my wine, restricting myself to two glasses, and some of the 15-calorie puff crackers instead of popcorn or pretzels.
Have a 10:30 appointment with my new doctor.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Very little went on yesterday. It was a nasty, gloomy, rain-now-and-then one, my least favorite. Cut up and cooked butternut squash, did same to carrots and put them in the slow cooker. Did wash. Other than that and some back and forth on the 'puter, nothing much.
Did get a call from brother Frank, asking if Betty and I can stay over in Baltimore instead of meeting him for lunch in Delaware. Guess we will.
Invited Leslie to go with me to Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Coat on the twenty-second. Neil G., my LETCO colleague, is in it. She accepted and I sent for tickets.
Tonya asked if I'd like to do anything with The Odd Couple, our next production. If it's minor, I will, but I'm not equipped for, nor interested in, anything important.