Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Last LBI Day

Fine, fun day.  Picked up my pal, Aline, at the bus stop by Dynasty, as she had stayed over in Manhattan.  She suggested we eat at Ichiban (or something) Chinese, and I acquiesced.
Actually, I'm not crazy about the place, as it's a buffet. The food is excellent--a terrific variety with yummy and fresh selections.  The problem is in the setup itself, combined with my ever-so-slovenly sense of how much is enough.  I invariably overeat; if I don't, I tend to have an aggrieved feeling that I'm not getting my money's worth. Stupid, but there you are.
However, I didn't go too far overboard and it was enjoyable, of course.  Aline asked if we could stop at Wal-Mart after and sure, why not.  (She's leaving tomorrow for an almost month-long trip to Provincetown and Boston.)
Drove to Long Beach Island for the last time, I think.  Even though it was Monday, summer was in high swing and LBI was packed. Went down to the southern tip--Holgate, our favorite place. We sat and viewed the sparkling water and crashing waves, staying for more than an hour.
I reflected that soon, "my" ocean will be the one in the west.  But oh, no, never.  The Pacific will become my changeling child, but I'll love the Atlantic Ocean until the day I die.
Went to drop Aline off about 5:00 and we discovered she didn't have her key and her sister was out.  We looked under plants and so on, but no luck.  Finally, I took her home and she enjoyed some videos of the Terrific Tokyo Almost Two Tot, with peach mango iced tea and cheese crackers.  She insisted I take her home a bit after 7:00, saying she'd happily sit on the porch and read.  I did so and she called a short time later to say her sister had come home and all was well. I'll see her again for breakfast tomorrow, so good, good, good.
Susan called to say she and a group of other friends wanted to take me to lunch at the Old Causeway on Monday, the fifth, and would that be all right?  Damn straight it would, and I'm looking forward to it.
Only recent dark item is the fact that my left knee started bothering me. Don't know why and I'm hoping if I ignore it, it will go away.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Birthdays and Busyness

Yesterday was my older son's birthday and also my older great-grandson's, who became a teenager for the first time--wow!
Working my fingers to the bone, I packed a lot of the paperwork from the study.  Finally completely cleared the guest room closet and put stuff from there in the car to take to the thrift store.  Drove to Manahawkin to pick up this 'n' that at B.J.'s and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  
Brother Jim called and I was so glad to talk to him.  He and Therese are settling in to an extent, but it's still hard for him to adjust.  I think he's lonely.  I wish I had time to visit him before I go.  My big brother--if anyone wants to know what a good and decent man looks like, travel to Arlington, Virginia.
Talked to Betty, Ellen, and my friend.  E. left for home after their reunion and was calling from Arizona.  Friend is still in New Mexico, but will be back soon.
I'm getting nervous about timing now.  I have to get my plane ticket and I need to see that signed contract so I can be absolutely sure.   I'm antsy about getting the things that will be Betty's out of the house, too.  Well, I guess it will all come together eventually...

Sunday, June 28, 2015

P.J. Visit

Had a fun day with "P.J." (Paul) S. and his wife, Diana.  P.J. (I'm the only one who still calls him that) has been a friend of my older son's since--middle school?  Fisher Elementary?  I think the former. Both were born and brought up in Ewing and still live there.  They are dedicated hikers and P.J. is a spelunker as well, something that would fill me with dread.
We sat and chatted for a bit, they toured the house, then we went to Cuisine on the Green--yes, second day in a row.  Happily, it wasn't crowded.  We had a fine time reminiscing about the old days and speculating on other members of their group: Chuck (on Facebook), Doug (still in the Ewing area), and Lee (succumbed to a to a heart attack twenty or so years ago).
They filled me in on their children (a daughter, 25 and son, 22) and current lives and I did the same.  After they assured me they'd head to California and look me up within a few years, we drove back to my place, then parted.
Luckily, the terrific storm held off until later in the afternoon and boy, it was a lulu.  Fierce winds whipped up the heavy rain for several hours and I wouldn't be surprised if more tree damage was done. The ones around my house were swaying and bending, practically spinning around on their roots.
Got a welcome Skype/Google Hangout call from Tokyo and was so happy to interact with Baby Boop.  He seems to be getting bigger by the hour and is so droll and funny as he mugs for his Nana, talks, and laughs.  Son backed up my documents via team viewer, but I intend to learn it and do the rest myself.  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Justice, Lunch, and Next Door Neighbors

Early on, I sped over to Justice to exchange for size two things I had gotten the girls.  Accomplished that, wrapped and put both in a big bubble wrap envelope and took to the P.O.
Betty arrived shortly after and I showed her some things I didn't want to take to CA and thought she might want.  She did, and I also gave her some clothes I had--uh, outgrown.
We went to Cuisine on the Green for lunch (one reason I've been outgrowing things) and sat outside.  Very pleasant and we had a good lunch and, of course, talk.  C. on the G. is sometimes spotty--or downright incompetent--when it comes to the wait staff, but we had excellent service yesterday.  I'll see Betty Tuesday when I meet her breakfast group for dinner to celebrate Helen C.'s birthday.
I was surprised and gratified to get an e-mail from Comcast (in the guise of Infinity) saying they would credit me five bucks because of the Internet loss the other day. I guess wonders never cease in Cyberland.
Nothing brought home to me more strongly the fact that I'm leaving than a goodbye phone call I got last night from Frank and Barbara next door. They're leaving today for an Alaskan cruise and I'll be gone when they get back.  I told them they were the best neighbors anyone could ever have, wonderful friends over these thirteen years. That's so true, it hurts.
It hurts a lot, in fact.  Boy, will I miss them.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Tenth of July and Anne Mary

               The Usual "My Day and Welcome to It"
Okay, this is it: Walter e-mailed me that the contract is being written up and could I live with renting on the tenth?  That's the tenth of July, folks!  That's just two weeks from now.  I wrote back accepting that date, but boy, there's still a slew of things to get done.
Well, I accomplished quite a bit done yesterday, at least.  Spent most of the morning washing, chopping, and otherwise preparing the chard, Chinese cabbage (lots of little green bugs between the leaves), lettuce (three heads), and zucchini, and cooking some of it. Stir-fried the chard, garlic, and onions with leftover ground turkey for lunch and it was pretty good.
Took another carload to the thrift store and dropped it off.  Went to the bank. Got a card for my great-grandson, who will be a teenager(!) on Sunday and two more for the little girls in Singapore.  Bought three place mats at the SOCH thrift store in preparation for P.J.'s and his wife's visit tomorrow. I'm not so sure I'll give them lunch here, though; maybe I'll just take them out.
Betty called to say her breakfast group would like me to join them for dinner on Tuesday when they go out for somebody's birthday. Guess I will, but that's farm day, too; I'll have to get up there early or I might just skip it this time.
I also asked Betty if she could come and take some of my castoffs. I hope she will today, but she said Pat Kennedy H. is in town and she might be seeing her today.
Looked into airline tickets--it seemed very strange to be looking for one way--and saw they're about half as expensive if not non-stop. Ugh, I hate having to go up again, but guess I will.
                               The Anne Mary Section
I understand I'm being discussed as a candidate for sainthood.Why? Because when I came back from the farm on Tuesday, I saw an ambulance and police car outside the home of neighbor, Anne Mary H.  Went there to offer help, but it wasn't needed, as she had others with her.  Left a message yesterday asking how she was, and she called me back at 8:00 pm.  She responded, non-stop, until 8:34.
Unbelievable!  She simply never shuts up.  She has to start from year one and describe her every ache, pain, diarrhea episode, and where her doctors went to school, and how something similar happened to her mother's cousin's friend's manicurist, but of course, not nearly as badly as what happened to her because everything that surrounds her is unique, amazing, and unprecedented, from her salmon tulips to her miniature poodle, and especially her own corporal self, a medical miracle featured in the AMA Journal, and discussed in the halls of medicine from one side of the planet to the other...
To mark my captive audience martyrdom, surely more horrendous than burning at the stake, I'll be featured in prayer books and mass cards from here on in.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Money Makes The World...

"Money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round..."
I've always liked Joel Gray's rendition in Cabaret and, in fact, I like money quite a bit, too.  Yesterday, I got more--yay!
First, I loaded up the car with things with which I hope Lighthouse Church Thrift Store can turn into money: lots of ceramics, baskets, framed pictures, doo dads and stuff.  Dropped them off, then headed to Fugetabouit and searched out Tom.  Told him I had some more hot items and why didn't he stop in to see them?
He agreed, and came with his Dad and a helper.  We dickered up and down, of course, but finally agreed on a price for two tables, a side chair, and a few other items, and off they went.  That makes more stuff I don't have to either haul to the thrift store or take with me, and I made money to boot.
Drove over to Justice after lunch and got gifts for V. and V., whose birthdays are both in July.  Stopped at Target for other stuff.  Betty called; she's now home after her extended trip to Chicago and California.  We'll get together one of these days.
Got an e-mail from an old friend (from middle school up) of my Tokyo son; I always called him "P.J.," although he now uses "Paul."  He had contacted me to ask if he and his wife could come and see me before I head west and we decided on Saturday--I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Farm and Storm

It was a "Nature rules" day, that's a cinch.
Went with Aline to breakfast, first at Dynasty.  We were surprised and annoyed that they've changed the menu--now, the only breakfast "special" is a $4.99 egg and bacon that doesn't even include coffee.  Well, the hell with that stuff, we agreed, and we got up and left.
Went to Dockside where we enjoyed their special of omelet, hash browns, toast, and coffee, all for $3.99.  Of course, we went down to view the water after, then I dropped A. off. Home, I went on the computer only to be told I had no Internet connection.
Damnation!  Could my little dearie be sick again?  I didn't wait around to find out, but got in the car and drove the forty miles or so to the farm.  Got beets, lettuce, chard, garlic scapes, Chinese cabbage, and kale in the barn.  I decided to skip the green beans in the field, as it was 94 degrees and I'm not a big fan of them, anyway, so off I went.  Stopped at Whiting to get Chardonnay and some groceries before driving home. I was happy to discover my 'puter was all well again, the problem being Comcast's.
Later, there was a terrific storm.  I had gone to the library, then the gas station where I was when it suddenly descended.  I say "suddenly" although:  Yes, yes, it was covered with breathless idiocy by the media, but I'll be damned if I'll join the bug-eyed doomsday crowd, so was only dimly aware.  (Since I couldn't do anything about it and didn't need to make any special plans, why in the world would I "follow" such "news"?)  It was hairy getting the scant mile home; I thought whole trees would come down and had to swerve around whole tree limbs. I did, though, and all was well until--the electricity went out.
I wonder if there's anything in the world I cherish more than electricity.  Well, maybe my family--but I'm not absolutely, positively sure about that...
Kidding, of course. Nevertheless, I suffer--suffer, I tell you--when the lights go out and the dishwasher stops, and I can't do much of anything.  I did start reading Girl Gone on my tablet, but still, I was miserable for two hours until the power went on again and brought life back to my home.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Meeting John

Got the 9:02 train from Absecon and met my cousin, John, in Philadelphia.
We talked over coffee; I foolishly chose an iced "frolatta," which tasted good, but contained about six billion calories via sugar and heavy cream.  John then suggested we walk to the long-ago home of one of our semi-ancestors.
This wasn't a grandparent or great-grand.  I think--I wasn't quite clear on this point--it was one of the multitude of cousins of our grandfather.  We started walking, but after about three blocks, I was finding it difficult to keep on.  My stomach was righteously protesting the frolatta, the heat was fierce--ninety, at least, and humid as only the northeast can be--with little shade and no breeze. After we turned a corner and John said there were about eight blocks to go, I told him I'd sit on a step (out of the sun, thank Zeus) and wait for him.
Did so, and that proved to be a good idea.  I sat on my step and enjoyed just watching the Drexel students (the campus is all over the city) walk by, envying their easy strides.  In about 45 minutes, John returned.
I was refreshed enough to walk reasonably briskly back to 30th street with no problem, and perked up when we stopped at an Irish pub for lunch. I had a hamburger and a Harp, John shepherd's pie, and our usual family talk.
John's knowledge of our lineage is impressive and he's also interested in a wide range of sometimes esoteric subjects.  They range from the history of the Celtics to feeding one's blood type to astrology and the bible.
My cuz accompanied me back to the station and sat with me until my train pulled in.  Kissed him goodbye, climbed aboard, and departed.  Picked up my car at Absecon, drove home, and was in my garage by 5:00.
I doubt if I'll ever see John again.  He doesn't travel and who knows when--or if--I'll be back.  Too bad.  As with others with whom I share memories, it's a wrench to leave those who can't be replaced.
And nobody can be replaced.                  

Monday, June 22, 2015

Red Barn and Stuff

Jeff, of Red Barn Antiques, called to say he was on the way, and I was astounded when he actually arrived as promised.
He turned out to be a very nice guy--I'd say late sixties, tall, well-built, articulate and with a nice sense of humor.  He bought both my mirror and my sampler for a good price and, considering they had cost me eight dollars and twenty dollars respectively, I made out like a bandit.
My friend, who had sold him some items last year, came while he was here, then I left to guide him over to Claire's.  As I knew he would be, he was wowed at her collections--Early American furniture, paintings, platters, other china, as well as her decoys and dolls, all in pristine condition.  I bowed out and left them to discuss how she'll disperse them; she wants to move into Wesley Manor in a year or so.  Claire called me later to thank for me for introducing him.
My friend and I continued packing and throwing out until she left about 3:30, at which point I knocked off myself.  Drove to Manahawkin just to clear my head and pick up a few items. Decided to call Tom back and see if he'll spring for a few more items, as I'm determined to cut the moving company expense to four thou or under.
I'm meeting my cousin, John, in Philly today.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Show

Quite a good day, but with some snafus. Talked to ever-elusive Jeff, from Red Barn Antiques, who swore he'd be down today to look at my mirror.  I fervently hope he'll buy it; must call Claire to see if he can stop there, too, to look at her stuff.
Picked up Aline at 12:30 and went to the Northfield Library for our Players & Playwright's summer show.
We had a good crowd, polite enough not to throw rotten tomatoes at the opener, Jim's interminable--and unintelligible--play. My Imposter was next and while it was being "acted"--yes, the quote marks are warranted--poor Bobbi realized she had gotten her script pages out of order. Experienced actors would have improvised, but she floundered until I got up and handed her the correct page from my script.  Also, Louise, for some reason, laid on the haminess with a trowel.  I'd love to see my subtle little drama performed by those who can act, but that ain't gonna happen very soon, I'm afraid.
Anyway, it went okay and my later skit--the "truth" one--had the audience howling; very gratifying.  I appeared as one half of a lesbian couple in Sondra's autobiographical play, and that went all right, too.  All in all, the show was okay, if not superb.
After, seven of us went to the Shore Diner for early dinner, including a newcomer who just happened to be at the show.  Pat is a retired librarian with an adopted daughter from China, and seemed at first to be just my type.
Unfortunately, she isn't.  She has a somewhat ponderous manner and seems to be missing a sense of humor; went to Drexel and has a master's from Upper Gipip or somewhere, which goes to show these educated types can be duds.
I'll miss the rest of them so much, especially Denise, little Bernice, and my pal, Louise--the three that rhyme.  Of course, I'll miss Rachel, too, and the others, but I must be about my business and keep my eyes fixed westward.
Home, I got a welcome call from Ellen, who will leave today to meet her sister in New Mexico, and from Mike, which allowed me to interact with the two little darlings.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lots of Stuff and a Pizza Party

Here's a marathon entry, but--as I've defiantly stated before: It's my blog and I'll write what I want.  (Geez, I  hate people who get belligerent for no reason!)
I don't know why I'm not as skinny as a rail.  Very active day, to say the least, but productive, too.  Unloaded a bunch of stuff at the thrift store in Tuckerton and was pleased when the volunteer there said she had enjoyed my appearances in several shows.  So nice to hear.
I called a few other moving companies, and their reps simply had me give them a list over the phone. One said they don't go as far as California, another that they were booked through July, and I didn't get any satisfaction from the other, either.  However, when I told one I wanted to cut down on the astronomical cost, he delivered a true gem: Unless you have very expensive and irreplaceable furniture, it would probably be cheaper to take only what you absolutely must have and buy replacements there.
Eureka!  But of course!  Paying the highway robbery premium to move my stuff, much of which is so-so, makes no sense when I can replace it at my leisure.  Okay, so I decided I'll sell what I can--and to whom?  Why, to "Tom," the Fuggetaboutit guy.  He and his elderly Dad got here about noon and after showing him this and that, adding some things, dickering about price, and so on, he hauled away my kitchen table and three matching chairs (I kept four); the wooden kitchen set (table with leaves and four chairs) my friend had given me; five white bookcases; my porch furniture, with cushions; four fishing rods; several large terra cotta pots; and a few other items.
I know he's going to sell the stuff for three or four times--or more-- what he paid me, but so what?  If I hadn't let it go, I'd still have it and I don't want or need it.  So I'm delighted 1.) to get rid of it and 2.) to receive cash for it.
Zipped to Beakins and bought two large and two medium boxes. I have plenty of containers, too, so I think that's about all I'll need. My friend came about 1:30 and we packed a bunch of fragile stuff. Set aside yet more for the thrift store.
After showering and dressing, I went next door to the pizza and beer party in my honor.  Present were those I think of as "the inner circle," all of us in a row on my side of the streeet: Leslie and Dennis; plus Frank, Joe, and Ray, each with a Barbara.  (On our short street, we actually have a fourth Barbara, who's married to Jack.)  Frank had also picked up Aline to join the party, a welcome addition.
What good fun we had!  The pizza was great, the beer better, and Barb D. served her usual wonderful desserts: a fruit basket, delectable cinnamon cake, and a spectacular trifle.
But, of course, all that doesn't matter.  What does, is the camaraderie, the laughs, the shared memories, the easy, secure knowledge that you're among friends and can relax.  Pat is remembered fondly by everybody in this group and several told stories about him.  I hope to find good friends in California, but I know that none can possibly replace these.    
The party started at 6:00 and didn't break up until after 9:00. (In these parts, that's practically a middle-of-the-nighter.)  Went to bed as soon as I got home and, after a few more virtual pages (the book's on Kindle) of Tab Hunter, fell deeply asleep.
I don't recognize it often enough:  I'm a spectacularly lucky woman.          

Friday, June 19, 2015

Much Activity

Ron, the moving guy, came at 9:00.  He's the son of the owner of Bekins SeaCure Moving) and Tara McQ.'s brother.  Tara and I go 'way back--she's been active in LETCO for years and directed me in my first performance in Steel Magnolias. More recently, she assisted Desi in directing Hedda.
Ron stayed a good two hours, touring the house, asking questions about what goes and stays, and recording the info.  He brought his little traveling 'puter, plus an incredibly tiny printer with which he printed out several sheets of prices, estimates, and so on.
Too bad he didn't bring a fainting couch.  The tab, if I wanted them to do all the packing, was more than eight thousand clams. Since my friend and I have already packed and dispersed more than half, I think I'll skip that, in favor of them simply moving my stuff.
After Ron left, I jumped in the car and went to Manahawkin to buy boxes and a few other things.  Stopped at Fuggetabout It (yes, that's the name) and got the number of a guy I want to call to either buy, or just get rid of my kitchen set.  At home, I continued my forever job of sorting and packing.
My friend came at 3 and we loaded up my car with items I'll donate to the thrift store. She and I discussed the unfortunate timing: She leaves for New Mexico on Tuesday and doesn't return until June 30.  We're both invited up for Father's Day to Betz and Dale's, but I think I'll beg off, as I'm not anxious to drive that far and back. Besides, it would have been my 57th anniversary and I might want to go to the cemetery; not sure.  
Called the elusive Jeff of Red Barn Antiques, who said he still wants to see my mirror and assured me he'd call me back within a half hour.  I told him about Claire's stuff and he was interested; said when he comes down, he'll go to her place, too.  But darn, wouldn't you know, he hasn't called back yet.  I'll have to chase him down today again.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Good and Not So

Lots of good news and some that isn't.  Started out yesterday at my library haunt to write this blog, then picked up Claire at her house. Took her to Unshredded Nostalgia and, as an antique dealer herself (she has a shop in Galloway), she was wowed, as I knew she'd be.  We explored the crowded, dusty, wonderful old place for a good hour and Claire bought two prettily colored old glasses.
Gee, you can't keep a collector from collecting!  Claire, who is 86, is anxious to move from her house (to Wesley Manor assisted living in Ocean City) and talks a lot about how she's going to donate or sell her large numbers of dolls, early American furniture, and decoys in order to downsize, yet she buys more.  (Hey, I was tempted by a Dionne Quintuplet poster myself.)
After, Claire treated me to lunch at a place across the street and also handed me some cash.  She had sold the dolls I left with her to members of her doll club--a pleasant surprise.  
Took her back to my place for a bit, then my friend came to hook up this little darling. Walter called to ask if he could come over to discuss the possible rental and I took Claire home.  Friend and I sat down with him, asked a few questions, discussed a bit, then I emphatically said, "Yes, I want to accept this person's application to rent my house."  We all just hope and hope her buyers won't insist on a July 1 date, as it's so daunting to contemplate trying to get everything done-and out--by then.  The kicker is that my friend will be away from this Tuesday to the end of the month--aagh!
I called Bekins's SeaCure Moving Co, and the rep will be here at 10 this morning to take a look-see, then give me an estimate. Called
Aline to tell her our planned breakfast today was out, but asked if she was up for ice cream after dinner last night.  She was, and I picked her up for Jeffreeze cones.
The lesser downer?  When I got up from the table after we talked with Walter, I felt a twinge in my right knee and it's been slightly sore ever since.  I'm fervently hoping this isn't a biggie at this stage of the game.
And worse: I was so very sorry to learn via Facebook that my old friend and fellow HSHS graduate, Betty Mae McGlynn Walls, has died.  I talked to her a month or so ago and knew she had developed cancer, but didn't realize she had such little time left. She was always a jaunty type, fun to be with, and I'm sorry she's gone.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good News

Good news, I'm pretty sure. Went up to my friend's yesterday, then we took off for the farm. We divided the labor: She picked (the hard part) and I gathered in the barn. Got back to her place quickly; I declined dinner, but she gave me chicken masala left over from the rehearsal dinner and pasta, ditto. She also told me to take what I wanted of the pretty red and white carnations in the red vases she had had on the tables. I took three, then took off.
Home, I decided to take one of the vases to Walter, as it was his birthday yesterday. I also wanted to see the application, which he gave me.
When I read it, I thought he must had made this person up. Without going into detail: She's 68, a single woman with one declawed cat, two grown children (who live elsewhere), and her townhouse in Toms River has been sold (although the prospective buyers are still waiting for the mortgage to go through). All that is peripheral to the best part: Her credit rating is excellent.
There was a note with the application from the other agent, suggesting that I call her. I did, she sounded very nice on the phone, although we didn't talk long. I told her it was a great place to live, with wonderful neighbors, and that I would not have moved except to be near one of my children. I hope all will go well, with the only snag lurking, the fact that her buyers want to get in on July 1, so she in turn--. Yoicks, July first! That's so close AND my friend will be in New Mexico from June 23 to the 30th. Okay, we'll deal with it and I'm not looking for negatives.
My friend is coming after work today to hook up my computer, from whom I've now been separated for weeks. Hope it goes without a snag, although I at least have the library backup, for which I'm so grateful.
I'm picking up my friend, Claire E., at noon and we'll explored Unshredded Nostalgia, in Barnegat, the go to lunch. Then I think I'll go home and start packing more stuff. FOCUS is my motto. The wedding's over and I have two other obligation: the P & P. show on Saturday and meeting my cousin, John, in Philly on Monday. Okay, aside from that, it's going to be packing and preparing all the time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Essentially Nada and Rental Applicants

Lull day, which is fine by me. After tidying up a bit, I vacated the house for the library and other places. Went back about 2:00 to find the card from the agent, so the house was shown. Walter said someone had paid for a credit check and submitted an application, so is serious about it. The woman he's bringing in will be here either today or tomorrow and he asked if I'd like to be on hand to meet her. Yes, indeed, and I hope to do that around noon. Little else of interest going on. Picking at the farm today.

I'm very anxious to get my desktop back. True,
I'm getting more adept at the tablet, but all kinds of mysterious things go on that baffle me still. Okay, I'm cutting this short.

But now it's a few hours later and I'm back in the library. Walter came over with the application he had mentioned before and, unfortunately, it's not acceptable. One of the apps is 80 years old, the other 25 and, clearly, the latter's a caregiver. Plus their house was foreclosed on, plus their credit score is low and--I looked this up myself--the old lady filed for bankruptcy in four years ago. Plus, plus, plus, I guess...

I'll send this info to my financial advisors, but something tells me they'll advise against letting this duo rent my

Monday, June 15, 2015


Well, it turned out to be a wonderful wedding and a fabulous day.
I was taken aback to get a call in the morning from a real estate person, asking if it was okay to have the house seen at noon. Yoicks, here I was, all dressed in my finery--black with silver sparkles--rushing to get makeup on, but naturally, I said, "oh, yes, of course, come ahead."
Quickly vacuumed and straightened up, then jumped in the car and drove the hour and ten to my friend's.
I walked in as the groom was galloping down the stairs in his underwear, fresh from the shower in the only bathroom, holding his tux (he and all four boys had stayed overnight, the bride staying at her parent's) and my friend was trying to get ride herd over the boys getting dressed, then dressing herself. Her husband was jockeying cars up and down the driveway, the best man and his family arrived in the middle of everything--"come on, come on, we're going to be late!" and the groom drove off with the two older boys, leaving the 8-year-olds for us to take.
It was great fun.
We arrived about 45 minutes ahead and were presented with wrist corsages--mine a small orchid, surrounded by other flowers and very pretty--then generally milled around until time to be escorted down the aisle by one of the said angelic boys. The priest--the jovial type--greeting everyone, then the grand entrances commenced. My great-grandson walked arm in arm with one of the bridesmaids, who happens to be his mother and was once married to the groom. Yes, that's right and so what? The groom's parents were there with their respective spouses, the father being married to the mother of the maid of honor, who calls the groom her brother, although they're not blood-related.
But there were plenty of blood-related ones there, too, including the groom's three half-brothers, half-sister, and step--I think--siblings and the bride's five half-brothers, three from her father, two from her mother. "Blended" was the operative word for the day.
The bride came last down the aisle, of course, escorted by her father. She looked stunning in a long, elaborate white gown, trimmed with rich dark red, close to maroon, and a long train. The attendants all wore the same color red--the dresses were just beautiful--and carried bouquets of yellow cornflowers, baby's breath, and dark red roses. The two adorable little flower girls, one the two-year-old of the Best Man--wore white rucked (look it up)gowns with sashes in the same red.
I had thought there was going to be a mass, but communion wasn't offered, so I guess it was simply a service. There was a organist/singer and the music was quite beautiful. Little T. brought up the rings for the Best Man to hand over. I was touched when the priest, as requested by the couple, prayed for their grandmothers by name. I'm one of them folks; none of the others were there, as they're all in the chapel in the sky.
The church is in Howell, and the reception was a half hour drive away in Freehold at the Radisson Hotel. It was beautifully--and lavishly--done, I must say, with a cocktail hour first, including hot and cold appetizers on steam trays, a pasta station, circulating wait staff with more tidbits, and an open bar. After that, we repaired to the "Crystal Ballroom," where elegantly decorated tables for ten (I counted 15 of them)were set up and numbered. A full-course dinner was served, with a choice of chicken or prime rib, which I had. I like it rare; it was and was deliciously tender. There was dancing throughout the evening, with a disc jockey/singer/emcee, and an incredible cake, fittingly topped with a couple on a red motorcycle; the groom has one. Anyway, it was a terrific occasion--unconventional, maybe, but who cares? We all had a ball and didn't leave until the newlyweds did, about 9:30.
My friend and hubby took me back to their house and I immediately left for home. That was the only not-so-enjoyable part of the day, as it started to rain and it was, of course, pitch black by then. I made it fine though, and got in at just about 11:00. Didn't bother with anything else, but just went straight to bed after a great day at my darling older grandson's wedding.
More excitement: Walter has a client who would like to see the house tomorrow or Wednesday and I got a call from anther agent, who asked if her people could come in today. Hey, come ahead, one and all--I'm on a roll!
WOWEE! Just after I finished the above, the woman from Prudential Zack called and asked if yet another person could see the house--today. Now I'm getting a tad confused as to who's who and if they're overlapping. I'm not complaining, though--the more the merrier.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rehearsal Dinner

It's Sunday and the library's closed, so I'll attempt writing via the tablet. Actually, it's not so bad with the solid keyboard attached; it's the virtual one I find very awkward.
Got up to my friend's about 3:00 and helped with a few things until the rest of the company got there in dribs and drabs. Noelle's parents, Joe and Sue, were there,plus Joel's dad,Jack and his wife, Jessie; her daughter, Rachel and her boyfriend, Dan (whose father owns Slocum's Bowling Lanes and bar, well-known in Ewing where we lived for 41 years); Joel's ex, Jen, and her sig. other, Justin; Joel's good friend and his wife and two-year-old, Carl, Diana, and Reina and, of course, the bride and groom-to-be and their four boys.
My friend had borrowed two tents, excellent defense against the sun and we had an enjoyable time chatting, exchanging stories, and feasting. The catered meal of bruchetta, salad, chicken, and pasta was delicious and was topped off by Rachel's scrumptious cupcakes.
I stayed until 6:30 and got home while it was still light. Later this afternoon, I'll drive back up for the actual wedding.
NOTE: Lalks-a-mercy-me, if this isn't a dry and boring account; it strikes me as practically unreadable. In truth, all kinds of hidden ramifications surrounded yesterday's outing, but I'll be damned if I'll put them them out for the world to see.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Grandsons and a "Drama" Surprise

Had nothing scheduled yesterday, fine by me. I did several loads of wash, picked up this and that at Shop-Rite, and otherwise caught up with the everyday minutiae that seems to define my life. Late in the day, I cut up and stir-fried garlic, onions, and mushrooms, then added bok Choy and ground turkey. It made a good dinner, and I have two more portions left over.
I was delighted to receive a Skype visit for The Adorable One in Tokyo. This time, we had a learned discussion during breakfast about hands, ears, his nose and Daddy's nose, and other fascinating subjects. Later, I "followed" while he slipped into Daddy's slipper and toured the balcony. What a pure pleasure to see and interact with my darling grandson!
And my other darling grandson? He's getting married tomorrow and the rehearsal dinner is this evening at his Mom's. So guest wouldn't run out screaming when they got a look at me, I just came from the hairdressers. I had Krista just do a comb out and, to be honest, I'm not crazy about the look. And, after I sleep on it? Who knows, but it is what it is and the heck with it.
I looked into Facebook this morning and was stunned to see that an FB "friend" (I haven't met him in person, but through another FB) had posted "The Potato Family" in its entirety. This is a short playlet--a skit, really--and why would I have such a reaction to seeing it? Because I wrote it, that's why, and have no idea how Dan McM. got it. Somebody must have given it to him, but I can't imagine who. I wrote it at least seven or eight years ago, and it was performed in a Sunrise Bay Drama Club show. I don't even remember if I brought it to Players & Playwrights, but I'm surely going to find out.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lunch, Imposter, and a Vietnam Vet

Picked up my pal, Pat L., at noon and we went to Cuisine on the Green. It was jammed with some kind of old lady gathering in the front room, men's group in the back, and raucous golfers in the middle. There were no tables open except high ones and Pat, who uses a cane, would never be able to get up, let alone perch on one long enough to eat. We were about to leave when the bartender--a pretty blonde who identified herself as the manager, also--saw our dilemma and asked two young women if they'd consider relinquishing their standard table for us. They were agreeable and moved to a high hat, we thanked them profusely, then settled in.
Luckily, the golfers went back to their holes or wherever it is golfers go, and we had an enjoyable lunch. Dropped Pat off, went home to do a few chores, then started down to Ventnor sometime after 4:00.
Bobbi and I had time to chat for a bit before Louise arrived; after that, we went over Imposterr. They both already "get it" and I just gave them a few tips and pointers. After, Bobbi served us tiny little pot pies she had gotten at Trader Joe's up north. They were yummy and the three of us had a good chat as we enjoyed them. I didn't get home until after 7:00, changed to night clothes, poured myself a glass of wine, and watched my daily 45 minutes or so of brain poison before beddy- bye.
After our walk this morning, I divided the four quarts of strawberries we had picked on Tuesday and took some over to Susan. Walter, who is, of course, my real estate agent, said somebody else wanted to see the house. The agent on that side will call me, I guess, but if this one doesn't pan out, I'm going to consider seriously whether to continue with the rental listing or put it up for sale.
WIDER: While I was typing this deathless prose (in the library, as my computer still hasn't come home), there was a man using the computer opposite who was wearing a "Vietnam Vet" hat. To my absolute amazement--and his, too, maybe--a woman came up to him and intoned with a soulful expression, "I want to thank you for your service to our country." Of course, this is now considered the thing to do when spotting hired killers, as long as they're in the employ of the government, and not the Mafia. Is it possible this woman and the many others who mouth that hogwash don't realize the millions of dollars (this can be verified on-line) the military spends on such platitudes, slogans, and idiotic directions for the simple-minded? It's horrible, but also seems bizarrely comical. One of these days, faithful patriots may be directed to "Kick a Muslim"--hey, why not, they're all subhuman, aren't they?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Varied and Interesting

Had a interesting, varied day. After the preparing of the greens, as recorded yesterday, and stopping at my friend, Claire's, I went back to the library to check a few things. Saw Frank Next-Door, who happens to be secretary of Friends of the Little Egg Library, and he surprised and pleased me by saying he and Barb want to have a pizza and beer party to bid me goodbye. He sent out an e-mail to "the inner circle," as I always called them: the four couples on my side of the street to whom I'm closest. He did not invite Susan and Walter and some day, when I have an hour to pick and choose my words, I'll explain why. And explain why I'm fine with it.
My friend called to say she would hook up my newly-restored computer on Friday. However, she's very busy what with the rehearsal dinner on Saturday and the wedding on Sunday, so I suggested she postpone until next week. After all, I have the ever-accommodating library and my tablet to rely on, so I can wait.
As I was driving home, got a call from Jeanne P., formerly Dollard, and we chatted a bit. Later in the day, I showered, changed, and went back to the library to pick up Aline for dinner with the crazies. A. gets off at five, but I asked if she could leave fifteen early, as we were going to Chibon(?), a Chinese buffet in Manahawkin. No problem with that and we got to the place while the rest were just having appetizers.
There were only two other couples last night: Judy and Roman, and Barbara and Bob. Latter are getting hitched on June 19, the same day as the pizza and beer party for me. However, I have no idea if Aline and I are invited. Bob extended an oral invitation to us last week, but at that time, the big day was scheduled for June 30. On our way home, A. and I agreed we really don't care one way or the other. Barbara is amusing at times, but also pathetic and truly nutty: "Barbara Streisand took my role in (some movie or other) and her son is eating out of garbage cans." (Don't even ask.) Barbara was a big star in Hollywood, also on stage and television, and people were constantly clamoring for her autograph. Why we in Little Egg never heard of this sixtyish, tubby, too-blonde, heavy drinker is a mystery.
But in truth, I had a great time. Bob brought both red and white wine and Judy was in rare form. I've been in several other lunch and dinner groups (still am), plus of course, I see Susan every day. The people involved tend to look down their tight, tense, supremely sedate, and deadly boring noses at Judy and company. I can play a role and fit in with those upstanding citizens, but oh, my real spiritual home is with the crazies.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Produce and Stuff

Oh, joy! My sweet little 'puter is all better! Baby isn't home yet, though, as Dr. Mike won't be able to come down to hook her up until he has the time, but he assures me all is well. "My Word documents?" I asked--"yes." "My hidden object games?"--"yes." Facebook and this blog and e-mail and all the sites I visit most often? Yes, yes, and yes--HURRAH!
Found that out yesterday after I got up to my friends and we picked at the farm. It's lettuce season--with a vengeance--and I brought home three large heads--two of which I gave to neighbors--plus three quarts of strawberries. See below for a greens report.
I accepted friend's invitation to dinner, always a pleasure, then drove home at my leisure.
Before that, I met eight other "Sparklers" (why in the HELL am I in that group?) at the Japanese restaurant for lunch. I had sushi, which was good, but it's taxing to be with old ladies with whom I have almost nothing in common. Not sure why I don't just drop out, but--I don't.
Now it's almost 1:30 and I just came from my friend, Claire's. She bought my old platter for twenty-five bucks, which will cover my "dinner with the crazies" when we meet tonight at Chibchbon (or whatever), a Chinese buffet in Manahawkin.
Back to this morning: I spent several hours washing, trimming, cooking, and freezing a variety of greens: collards, bok choy, spinach, and something else I have no idea what is (Sr. Gabriel is spinning in her grave). I plan to add them when I stir fry meat, garlic, and onions.
Greatly enjoyed new videos of precious little guy in Tokyo, now edging closer to his second birthday in September. I wish so much I could put him on my knew and play "This is the way the lady (gentleman, farmer) rides" and "Ride a cock horse to Banberry Cross/To see a fine lady upon a white horse/Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes/And she shall have music where-EVER she goes!" At "wherever," you have to raise your voice and push your knee up; baby gets a kick out of that. I hope his parents see that and treat my dear little K.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Not a Whole Lot

Not much going on yesterday. I picked up some stuff at Acme, did a wash, and spent time on line with Louise and Bobbi re rehearsal on Thursday. I was pleased to receive yet another check from the consignment shop, for close to a C-note. At first, I was a tad disappointed that my little "lady desk" sold. I was kind of looking forward to having it in my new digs, but hey--I need it like a hole in the head, so it's just as well.
Today, lunch at Mikado with "The Sparkers," to which I'm not looking forward. Then why am I going? Oh, I don't know. I like Japanese (or "Japanese") food and I don't feel like hanging out at home. Goes to show how sparse are my inner resources, I guess. This is picking day at the farm, too, but if the weather is bad, I won't go.
In the closet, I found a very dressy top I've had for years that I used to wear to dinner dances and so on, at the clubhouse and elsewhere. I'm considering wearing that to the wedding. It may look a little too wintery, though. It's a jacket top over a sleeveless, black with silver beading. It's actually very attractive and very festive. I'd wear it with a long black skirt and, after all, the reception is dinner and dressy.
Actually, who the hell will care what the grandmother of the groom wears, anyway? Yes, I'm talking myself into it.
Still at the library for this blog, but I'm getting more and more comfortable on the tablet otherwise. It's just difficult to type much on it, so this is better and I'm glad to have access to it.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Concert in Beach Haven

Another fun excursion: Picked Aline up at 12:30 and we zipped down to LBI on a perfect, sun-drenched spring day. Lunched on the porch at Buckalew's. We had plenty of time to spare, so drove down to Holgate at the end of the island. The ocean rolled into the glittering white sand, little children played on the beach, and seagulls soared above. Could there be any more satisfying way to enjoy the earth? We sat on one of the conveniently placed benches for a half hour or ao, then set off for the "Te Deum" concert by the Trenton Capital Singers at Holy Innocents Church in Beach Haven.
It was simply magnificent. Brent B., my friend's brother-in-law, had two solos, and sounded like an angel--not a cherub, but the avenging, St. Michael, kind. What came after was another treat: what the minister called "a reception," to which both singers and audience were invited.
Having attended other Protestant affairs, I expected trays of cookies and maybe iced tea and coffee. Was I happily mistaken! Not only was there a delicious spread of cheeses, fruits, and sauces, but there were two varieties of sliders (I had the pulled pork and Cole slaw and, oh, mama, was that good) and--incredibly--a big metal tub of ice on which nestled plump and shiny oysters on the half shell!
But that wasn't all. The real piece de' resistance was a table manned by two jovial gentlemen in white aprons. On that table stood Yuengling, Bud, Chardonnay, Merlot, and their companions in spirited libation, along with, of course, several kinds of soft drinks. I downed a beer, marveling at the offerings from these anything-but-austere church people. When we were ready to go, we thanked the minister and I couldn't resist adding, "Gee, is this a Protestant church? I can't believe you serve booze." He smiled and said, "Actually, Episcopalians are Catholics, just not Roman Catholics." Oh-h-h...
Anyway, regardless of which denomination, it was a fine day. It was made even better when I was able to get Ellen on Skype on my tablet. I took it into other rooms so she could see how spiffy it looks. Couldn't do that with the desktop--but that doesn't mean I don't want it back.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Good, Good Day

I had such a neat time yesterday!  My friend called early to ask if I wanted to go to the farm, as we hadn't gotten there on Tuesday.  Well, sure, and I got up to her place about 3.  Oops--while I was on my way, she found out it closes at that time on Saturday.  But no matter: instead, we went to the mall to buy items for the rehearsal dinner, which she's hosting the evening before the upcoming wedding.  After, she cooked a yummy dinner of shrimp over pasta, with one of her imaginative salads.  She showed me her mother-of-the-groom gown--long, pale pink chiffon with sparkles and just gorgeous.  She also showed me her anniversary present from her gem of a husband (and my computer guru):  a stunning ring, with three diamonds.  Mike had inherited quite a bit of jewelry from his mother and my friend herself had designed the setting.  They then had it made idn'by a jeweler in Philadelphia.  We then drove to Bradley Beach, where she ran for an hour and a half, covering ten miles and I did the same (yeah, sure, uh-huh).  Okay, I walked on the boardwalk for a bit, then waited for her to get back.  Drove back to her place, we hugged goodbye, and I drove home.  Didn't get in until after 10, but I didn't care, after being with one of my favorite people in the world.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Tablet and So On

Well, I got the tablet to work--mostly--and thought I could even write with it on this blog, but without going into all the details, that turned out to be problematic.  It's very difficult for me to use the virtual keyboard for lengthy writing, as it's so sensitive, although it's fine for a sentence or two.  Also, I kept accidentally leaving the page and didn't know how to go back to, or retain, the few lines I had written.  It then finally occurred to me to attach the real keyboard.  This worked better, but there were still problems, notably with the little arrow that I accidentally would touch; then, all disappeared. 
Anyway, I am able to access my e-mail on it, as well as Google+ and other sites, so I'm very glad I have it and grateful to my precious, darling, wonderful children (ha!) who gave it to me. 
Of course, it isn't perfect, even if they are (double ha!).  The problem for me, anyway, is it's almost entirely different from my "real" (desktop) computer, with which I'm so familiar.  That means I have to kind of unlearn and relearn and this old learnin' noggin isn't as lively as it used to be.
BUT--I got a call this morning from my friend, asking if I wanted to pick today (we didn't get there on Tuesday).  Sure thing (I almost never turn down a chance to be with her, never mind the occasion) and she said her hubby, Dr. M., asked me to bring the keyboard for the desktop.  That sounds hopeful and it's already loaded in the car.
As for yesterday:  Claire E. returned my call; I had offered to give my ethnic dolls to her or anyone else in her doll club. Also, she had approached me about giving a talk on the Dionne Quintuplets to the group at its August meeting.  If I'm still here then, I agree. Members are probably familiar with the DQ Madame Alexander dolls.  I, of course, don't have them, as all five cost close to eight thou last time I checked, but I'll shape my talk around them.  I told Claire I'd bring over the dolls after my blog session here.
Aside from that, yesterday included little of note except a boring amount of shopping at both Manahawkin and Galloway Shop-Rites.  I'm reading (on the tablet) "The Wright Brothers." by David McCullough.  I'm only into a few pages, but it's absorbing already.
Called Betty this morning to tell her Bernadette Ellis McBeth has died.  She went to school with my husband and he and Bernadette's brother were good friends.  "And death shall have no dominion...."  But it does.

Friday, June 05, 2015


Talk about getting confused: Here it is, Friday, late morning, and I'm just writing this now.  Thanks to the terrific guy at Tech Medic yesterday, I've been able to access my e-mail and--to an extent--Facebook on my tablet.  Annoyingly, though, they don't come up exactly as they do on a desktop and, although I can see this blog (it's public, after all), it won't allow me to sign in. Keeps asking for my password, which I think is the same as Google's, but when I put it in, it doesn't match. It may have something to do with the gmail address, instead of my usual Comcast one, but the hell with it, I don't want to go there.
I was pleased to get a call from my older son's friend, P.J., and we had a nice talk.  He and his wife are going to Michigan for ten days, but he'll call me after to ask a convenient time for them to visit.
Betty called from Chicago and we had a nice chat.  She had called brother Larry to wish him happy birthday, which I'll do later.  I called Mary S. because I was curious about her friend from Iowa, who had asked for info on my house via Facebook.  Responded to Lillian M.'s message asking if I'd attend the  monthly Sparkler lunch on Tuesday and I said yes.  I don't know why I continue with this group; I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess.  Or I'm just a glutton--I like lunching out!
No word on my computer and now, I'm making uneasy peace with being bereft.  Guess the tablet is  helping.

Thursday, June 04, 2015


Continuing from yesterday:
Said goodbye to Aline after our computer session and  headed home to lunch.  I'd been meaning to call the computer guy who advertises in Tuckerton about my tablet not lighting up.  Did so, but he was very busy and suggested I call "Tech Medic" in Manahawkin.  Instead, I drove up there and a very  nice young man at the place showed me that there's a port not only on the keyboard end (which is where I always plugged it in), but on the screen part, too.  He plugged it in there and darned if it didn't light up--great!  He wouldn't charge me anything and I thanked him profusely and left.  Now, at least, I can check my e-mail and Facebook.  Unfortunately, my blog won't allowed me to write anything, although I can read it.  Oh, well, I'll just go to the library in the morning.
Stopped at Kohl's to return the shoes I bought weeks ago; they're uncomfortable, for some reason.  Now I have a gift card, so might use it to buy my outfit for grandson, Joel's, wedding.
My friend came and brought bok choy, spinach, and lots of lettuce.  At my request, she took my large, mahogany-framed mirror and, plus the wheelchair and walker my husband had used.  That freed up space in the garage, which I want to neaten up.
I stir-fried the greens and cut up the lettuce; ate the spinach for dinner.  Then I impulsively jumped in the car and drove back to Manahawkin--I should be shot--to write this out at the library; I'll go back to the Little Egg one tomorrow (which is now today) to finish up.

A Manicure and LETCO

Things are looking up--to some extent, anyway.  Yesterday, I started straightening up the garage, then jumped in the shower, then went and got a manicure.  That started to lift my mood and the LETCO meeting last night completed the job.
It was, of course, at the H.'s.  Picked up Aline and we joined Jim and Mary, Desi, Julie, Tonya, and Trish for a good session.  There were a number of scripts Desi and Tonya had vetted and we discussed two.  The winner was Sex, Please/I'm Over Sixty.  Love the title and it has some naughty bits in it--well, pretty tame for nowadays, but the crowd we attract will love it.
Naturally, we accompanied our discussion with good--the best, in fact--wine, plus all kinds of nibbles and yummies--Mary is about the best hostess ever. 
Left about 9:00--Jim, being a doctor, goes to bed early--dropped A. off...
...and picked her up again this morning, so we could repair to John & Sonya's for good omelets.  Went to the water after, of course, now here we are at the library, both buzzing away on their computers, for which I'm very grateful.
Aline starts work (right here) at noon and after I leave, I may drive to Produce Junction or wherever in Atlantic County.
Incidentally, I appreciate my pals' comments of yesterday about my BP. Can't imagine why it's good, as I do everything wrong, but hey, I'll take it.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Back Again

Back again at the library (Little Egg) on the same day.  Went to Shop-Rite earlier, in the miserable cold rain.  Stopped at Lowe's and got a on/off connector for the hoses.  Did this and that around the house.  Heard from agent Walter to the effect that the couple who saw the house the other day liked it, but it was their first time out.  He mentioned that the other couple with the dog, who thought they'd rent at first to see how they liked the area, then reneged, have again decided they might move here, but who knows?
My friend called to say she may not pick, so suggested I could skip the farm, which I will.  She'll get there soon and will drop off my veggies tomorrow.  Her husband, Dr. M., who's treating my poor little 'puter, didn't  mention any diagnoses or prognosis.  Darn...
My entire world has been upended, it seems.  For several years, I've followed a certain routine: Rise at 5:15, wash, get coffee, then settle down at the computer.  I write my blog first, then read my friend, Pat's blog, check for e-mail, reply, then read the other blogs (mostly pacifist) I frequent. That brings me to 7:00, when I go across the street to pick up Susan and we take our walk.  I actually set the alarm for an hour later, so I laze in bed until 6:15--decadence!--and I don't like that at all.
Now it's Wednesday and I'm again at the library. Stopped at Acme to have my blood pressure read.  It's 128/66.  I can never remember what's good or bad, so don't know.  Maybe it should be lower?  Dunno.
Haven't heard back from Dr. Mike yet; hope I do soon.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

My 'puter and WW II

It's incredible how lost I am without the computer.  I honestly never realized how much I used it and what an integral part of my life it is.  Now, I'm at the Manahawkin Library--for the second time today--after spending time on the computer at the Little Egg one first. 
Before I left, as I think I mentioned before, I vacuumed and otherwise cleaned up.  Stayed out until 2:00 and when I got home, saw the card from the agent on the table, so they came.
Betty called, having had a horrendous experience with Spirit Airlines, as everyone seems to.  However, she made it to Chicago. 
Above happened yesterday (Monday) and I posted about 6:30 pm; that makes this Tuesday, I guess.  (Damn, I'm getting all confused with days and everything, it seems.)  Aline left a message shortly after I got home and I called her back.  We'll be attending the LETCO meeting (incredibly, there is one) tomorrow, and on Sunday, the Capital Singers of Trenton concert, preceded, of course, by our favorite activity, lunch.
I'll be going up to my friend's in the late afternoon today, then to the farm.  Wouldn't you know, it's overcast and miserable, and downright cold.  (Oh, quit complaining, Mimi, the weather was good for the flea market, so can it.)
WIDER:  On the Kindle, I'm reading a wonderful book called The Boys' Crusade, by Paul Fussell, about World War II.  The author contends it isn't a pacifist book, but boy, you couldn't prove it by me.  It details the horrors--horrors beyond imagining--of the so-called "good war," and concentrates on "replacements," who were mostly kids in their teens, drafted, of course.  One of the enlightening facts include the sheer numbers of those with SIWs.  Know that that is?  If not, look it up.  More about the book later; I'm still in the middle of it.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Bloggin' at the Library

Here I am at the library again.  Yesterday, Dr. M., that great guy, came all the way down here in response to my distress signal, and spent several hours working on my computer.  He tried to transfer my data from my hard drive to one he brought with him--I think--but it was very slow going and he finally took it home to work on it there.
It's incredible how much I use it--and how difficult it is not to have it.  Of course, I communicate hither and yon by e-mail, plus keep this blog, plus play "hidden object" games, plus am on Facebook everyday, plus look up everything from recipes to mass murderers (oh, don't ask).  Now I have to change my morning routine, for one thing, dang it, but I guess I'll survive.
I made ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-ONE dollars at the flea market.  It's great fun to make money, but the biggest advantage to selling is, you get rid of the stuff.  I sold most for a song, but so what?  Considering I would have just donated or thrown it away otherwise, why not?
Besides, it's a lot of fun.  I like talking to customers, bargaining with them, suggesting they might like this or that, and so on.  You get to be instant friends--for five or so hours, that is--with fellow vendors and on Saturday, we got a free hot dog and soda to boot!  Can't beat that.
Yesterday, Sunday, was filled with brilliant, beautiful sunshine and today, which I think is Monday, I woke up to pouring rain--aagh!  Susan and I walked (are we nuts or what), but cut it a bit short.  Went in through the garage, and had to change from the skin out, as I was soaked.  Luckily, it has now stopped and, although not sunnier, at least isn't raining. 
I had done a fair amount of cleaning on Sunday, even while Dr. M. was here, so today, I just vacuumed, swept, and so on.  Left a few lights on--more inviting that way, I think--and left about ten. The lookers are supposed to come between 12:00 and 1:00, so I guess I'll go up to Manahawkin in the interim.