Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Got up late again, so didn't get home from my walk until almost 8:00. Completed a lot of boring business-type stuff, plus finally finished and sent off to Suz my "Acting for Amateurs" proposal. Cleaned up, had lunch, then called Sue. We had a good chat, but unfortunately, she's in a great deal of pain with what she said are adhesions in her knee. She had a replacement a few years ago and scar tissue has built up.
After lunch, I parked at the library and walked to Mission Park. Called Ellen and was delighted to learn she's having some visitors in two weeks. She asked if I wanted Greg's DVD player, which I do, and she said she'd come over on Friday to install it.
When I got home, I rang Suzanne's bell to return her container (she had given me some fish sauce, which was delicious). We talked for a bit and she asked me to care for her two African violets when she's away next week. Told her I'd be glad to and I hope they survive.

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