Sunday, July 09, 2017

Lost Debit Card

To Kimball at 7:00 and walked the walk. Spent a lot of time on various Internet stuff after breakfast, then drove to town for my second walk.
First, I stopped at the post office to sent a certified letter re house insurance renewal. Used my debit card, then slipped it into my pocket. When I parked in town, as I always do, I put my pocketbook in the trunk and keys, money, library card, phone, and glasses in my pockets. Sat in the park and called Betty just to chat, then continued on to the library. Stayed for a bit reading, then walked back, home for lunch.
Brother Larry called. Jack's memorial service will be on the 14th and of course, Larry will be there. I did a few things around the house, then thought I'd run over to WinCo. They take only cash and debit cards, so I looked in my wallet--uh oh; no debit card. No money, either, so I surmised both card and cash had fallen out of my pocket. The dough amounted to only two bucks, but the debit card is essential. Drove back to the P.O.--no, it wasn't handed in--and to the library and they didn't have it either. Got back in the car and talked into my phone: "O.K., Google, phone number for Bank of Amelia" and several came up immediately. I called to cut off my card and get a new one; I can get a temporary one on Monday at the bank, but what a drag.
Ellen had been bugging me to go back to Cricket to ask how I get my voice messages; I had resisted, as after all, they don't run tutorials. However, I did stop there and they were very good about it. One of them even put on the case, which I had gotten on line. When I got home, I called El to tell her I had taken her advice and gone there.

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