Thursday, July 06, 2017


Walked the walk, did a wash with the usual back and forth, went to WinCo for rock fish, later to Smart 'n' Final for cherries and grapes. Got an email from Lynn, of Dudley House, telling me they have some black skirts and white blouses and I'm welcome to stop in to see if they suit me. She also invited me to do a "shadow tour" on August 6th (it's only open the first Sunday of each month) to get a feel for the spiel, I guess. She sent the book and packet for docents, so I'm looking forward to getting them.
After lunch, I reversed my usual town walk and parked at the library, then walked the opposite way. Stopped into The Coalition and found a nice wooden box, painted yellow, just right to hold the overflow of garden things on the patio. Bought it, left it there, and picked it up after I got my car.
When I got home about 5:00, I found outside my door a big zucchini--I knew who had left it, so rang Suzanne's bell to thank her. I'll prepare it in the slow cooker, I guess, with onion, garlic, and seasonings. I returned the favor by giving her a bowl of the luscious cherries I just bought.
Aside from all that, I took a drive after dinner. I must remember to drop some donations off at Goodwill--should have thought of donating to The Coalition--so I can clear my trunk and finally get my car washed.

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