Sunday, July 30, 2017

Last Day This Time

Last day--this time--for some of my family to be together, but it was a good one. When I got home from walking Kimball, I was texted that going to the beach was the intention and we decided to meet at 1:30 at the marina. That gave me time to go to WinCo for fruit and do some other errands. Drove to town after lunch, stopping at the library, then to the marina. Good grief, it was impossible to find a parking place anywhere near--the area was just jammed. Text come in: Let's go to the harbor, instead. We did and the same situation prevailed. We should have realized that those places would be packed--after it, it's the same as on Absecon Island on a summer weekend.
Another text: Let's go to the pool at your place, and that's where we went.
I put on my suit, but the others just put their feet in the water. We had an enjoyable. low-key, time. Cousin Carolyn was contacted and invited to meet us at El's in Ojai. The girls went to buy food, I changed and brought my salad, and we all met at Ojai.
Had a pulled-together, but good dinner, then took a walk through the neighborhood. Said goodbye about 8:30. I'll be back on Tuesday, as I'm staying over for two nights while El and Greg are vacationing in San Luis Obispo.

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