Monday, July 10, 2017

A Little Blue And Violet

Walked and did my Sunday routine. Went to WinCo (I go to the supermarket often, as most of what I eat is fresh) and ran into Steve Wu. I know him through the Adult Center where he hangs out. We chatted for a few minute and he said he'd be at the VCS meeting on the nineteenth.
Went home and chopped up the salad fixings for lunch. Ate, then--unusually for me--lay down on the couch for about a half hour. I wasn't tired, just feeling a little blue. I wanted to send a birthday gift to precious little Violet in Singapore, but for various reasons, couldn't seem to find anything I thought appropriate. Also, I have various things to take care of, financial and otherwise, and I just don't feel motivated, so the old guilt thing kicks in.
Got up and tried to shake off my mild depression. Got ready to drive to town and it occurred to me that, rather than putting in my pockets the things I need during my walk, I found a kind of packet lunch holder I've had for years. It works well to hold my glasses, phone, money, and so on, and is much lighter than my purse.
Parked at the usual and considering same, this morning there was a front page article in the Ventura Star to the effect that the museum might close; it's bleeding money. Walked to the library and spent forty-five or so reading (about Prince William and Princess Kate, believe it or not), requested Robert Wagner's book, You Must Remember This, turned in an audio book and got another, then left. By the time I got back to my car, my spirits had risen.
As for Robert Wagner, I'm just finishing his first book, Pieces of My Heart, which I greatly enjoyed. I'm a sucker for old Hollywood and he seems to tell all. It's a cinch these actors jumped in and out of bed with each other to a remarkable extent. Clearly, Wagner was--or is--no slouch at that activity himself. BTW, he is still alive and well at 87 and lives in Aspen, although he maintains a condo in L.A.
Later, I e-mailed Violet's Daddy, son Mike, to ask if an Amazon gift card would be okay for Violet. He responded that she'd love it, so I immediately ordered it. Sweet Violet is nine years old today.

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