Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A Visit to Ojai

Walked Kimball, then after breakfast, spent a fair amount of time on the patio/garden. It's really shaping up nicely, but I want to add a few plants.
I wasn't about to go to town to get my second mile in, considering the crowds I knew were gathering for the parade. Instead, I drove back to Kimball after lunch. Rather than take my usual, I went on a different path around the pool and playing fields, and enjoyed it. I was again on the patio when Suzanne came out on hers. She had spent a few days in Pasadena and I glad to see her back. I asked her to come over, she did, and she admired what I had done with the plants and so on. We had a good talk, as ever.
Jumped in the shower, washed my hair, dressed, and left for Ojai about 2:30. I was pleasantly surprised that I seemed to have avoided the heavy traffic, so no prob. When I got to El's, she went over my smart phone and we contacted a few people. I still have a way to go, but I think I'm more comfortable with it. Greg made a delicious dinner featuring his own recipe of tomato sauce over pasta. El made the salad, also very good, and we had fresh ears of corn. After, we took a walk around their neighborhood and what an interesting one it is. No two houses are alike, some are very old, many are newly renovated, some need to be, and overall, it's a good place to live. We saw a number of people who greeted us--very friendly and warm.
I left about 7:00 and got home in good time. A nice, nice day, and I enjoyed it.

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