Thursday, July 13, 2017

More Sad News

Slept later again, walked the walk, and got home a bit after 8:00. Nancy called to say her birthday celebration and pontoon ride on Lake Casitas will be on Saturday--fine by me, as I'm getting a cut an color on Saturday. Betty called to say she has arrived in California and is at her son, Steve's, in L.A. She'll come to my place on Monday and stay over a night or two before going on to Santa Barbara to Carolyn's.
While I was doing some household chores, I got a call from brother, Frank, in Alameda. At first, I thought he was calling to tell me Marybeth had died because he broke down and cried. But no, he told me she had been admitted to Mercy Central in Oakland. He said he cries very easily now; my big brother is himself suffering from some kind of dementia--memory problems. While I was talking to him, my doorbell rang. It was the woman from Elder Services, checking to see if I was still being abused or something. (This would be funny except I was in no mood for humor.) I assured her I had gotten my money back and all was well and she left. Frank asked me to call my other two brothers and Betty with the news, and I did. I looked at the web site for Mercy Central and it looks like a well-though-of nursing home.
Called brothers Jim and Larry; latter was about to leave for the airport to get a plane to Jersey and attend Jack B.'s memorial service. For some strange reason, we started talking about Matt Gallagher, with whom Larry and Jack went all through St. James, Holy Spirit, and Villanova. Neither he nor Betty had known Matt died in May until I told them--odd. I found the obit in the AC Press and sent it to them.
Anyway, drove to town for the usual. As I was walking toward the library, somebody called my name. It was my neighbor, Don, and we walked a block or two together. He said he was looking for round sunglasses like the kind John Lennon wore. Why, I can't imagine, but, preoccupied with the news about MaryBeth, I didn't ask and just wished him luck.


iloveac said...

So sorry to hear the sad report. We often take things/people for granted and then pow. There's just no preparing ourselves. I imagine hearing Frank in tears was very hard. Just keep telling them you love them every chance you get.

Mimi said...

Oh, Pat, thank you. That's exactly what I did say to Frank--that I love him and Marybeth so much. I'm sorry that you know as well as anybody what it is to go through something like this--both your brothers and you sister-in-law, too. There will be no recovery here, I'm afraid, either for Marybeth or my dear brother. Thank you for caring, my friend.