Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I'm up, I'm down, I'm up again. Feeling a lot better because of Violet's present, the fact that I dealt with a lot of financial items, and most satisfying of all, I wrote to Suz my proposal for "Acting for Amateurs" at Ventura College. I'll look it over before I send and might tweak it a bit, but it's essentially done and I don't know why I agonized over it so much
I got up pretty late--7:00--so didn't get home from walking Kimball until after 8:00. Spent the time between breakfast and lunch handling the aforementioned, doing wash, then took off for town. Stopped first at Staples to get printer ink and at the 99 Cent store, where I picked up two pretty daisy plants, which I'll put in containers as soon as I feel like doing it. Picked up two pretty daisies to plant in the garden.
Because I had both a book and an audio to return, I parked at the library and walked to Mission Park instead of the reverse. Walked back and spent time doing what I do, then drove home. "Riced" with the Chop Wizard a large cauliflower and had some with dinner.
Hmm...looking over my calendar for the month, I see that July was and is unusually quiet. That's okay for a time; in fact, I'm enjoying the restful hiatus, but I don't want it to extend into August.

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