Friday, July 07, 2017

Jury and BP

I woke up a little late--7:00--so didn't get back from my walk until after 8:00.* I was having a leisurely breakfast when I realized I had forgotten to call the jury duty number. Did so and--yoicks! I was supposed to have reported in at 8:00 am! I rushed out the door, drove to the Hall of Justice (grandiose name) and threw myself on the mercy of the young woman at the window. She was very pleasant and nice and simply said I should report today at 8:00. Whew! I thought they'd throw me in jail or something.
With the Bona equipment, I cleaned the hard floor, then took the area rugs in bath and hall to the laundry. Washed, then put them out on the patio to dry. Tried to prepare half of the huge zucchini Suzanne gave me, but now I think it's not a zucchini. I sliced it and added some garlic and olive oil, then put in the microwave. I found that I should have pared it first, as the skin really doesn't seem edible.
Drove to town and did the walk, then got my beautiful blue baby washed, inside and out. She's so clean, she sparkles. El called when I got home and we had a good talk. On Wednesday, Greg's mother and brother and his family came to see the house and stayed for dinner. El has some large pieces of art work to hang and asked for a phone number for Ryan, the picture hanger who expertly hung my large A.C. pictures.
* The nurse who comes to the park on Tuesdays and Thursdays took my BP and it was again low: 93/64 and 92 (pulse). Nurse advised me to call my doctor's office and ask for my numbers the last two times I was there. I did and the physician's assistant said they had been 118/80 and 64 on June 20 and 114/78 and 89 on March 8. She said they did seem low and suggested I keep track. Since I don't have the apparatus to do so, guess I'll have to use Wal-Mart.


iloveac said...

I would think your physician might want to take your B/P sitting, standing and lying down before deciding if any further testing needs to be done.
B/P usually goes up during exercise. How soon after you walked was your B/P taken? No need to answer...just that it makes a difference when pressure is measured.

More than likely the 93/64 is fine for you. However, you might want to keep track of it yourself so you can show your primary what's going on. So, I suggest you purchase a good B/P cuff, and check it yourself a few times a week at different times of the day.

I would not rely on drug store don't know how often, or if they are calibrated for accuracy.

Great that you are committed to walking. I wish I had your motivation. It's probably the best thing one can do for cardiovascular it keeps our other body systems functioning as well. Kudos to you.

Mimi said...

Thanks, Pat. The BP thing is getting me a little concerned, although I feel fine. Today at Wal-Mart, as you'll read tomorrow, it was at 98/62. As for walking--when I don't get my three miles in, I feel a little draggy--go figure.