Saturday, July 29, 2017


(Darn, the Internet disconnect happened again today, Saturday! I got it running, but not until after I had walked Kimball and had breakfast. I tried something else, and hope it's the answer.)
Friday: Got home after 9:00 last night after a great day. I just don't have the time or inclination to write much, but I walked Kimball; went to T.O.PS. to find I lost another 1.4 pounds, for a total of 28 pounds and change off; breakfasted, showered, dressed, and took off for Ojai. The others came shortly and the five of us drove to the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens
We had a fairly strenuous, but wonderfully invigorating hike up/down, way/way/up, down and sideways, including over a creek, the passage for which consisted entirely of rocks. With one companion on each side, I managed to get over it, but it was dicey.
We then stopped in the botanical library, a lovely place like a sanctuary. We were charmed to find that side-by-side, there were books on the flora in New Jersey and New Mexico; well, they were in alphabetical order, that's why. I checked my phone while we were there and found my brother, Jim, had left a message. Called him back and we had a nice talk. He wanted to know if I had any new news on Frank and I told him what Francine had said.
From there, we went to Greg's mother's place. Greg went to pick up his brother at the airport while we chatted with her. Greg and bro came in and we visited for a time. The five of us then said goodbye and went off to the Paradise Cafe for dinner; sat on the patio and had a lovely time.
By the time we got back to Ojai, it was close to 9:00, but I drove home anyway. Stayed up for a bit with cherries and blueberries, then went to bed and slept until after 7:00--shockingly late for me, but I didn't care.

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