Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Usual

Incredibly, I didn't get up until 8:00 yesterday. Not sure why I slept so late, but I felt fine. After coffee, blog, and so on, walked Kimball and after breakfast, paper, and crossword, spent a lot of time on various and sundry. Packed up the book for Vivian and took off to the P.O. about 11:00. I was horrified to be told the postage to Singapore was twenty-two dollars! The book itself was only twenty-one, but oh, hell, I sent it anyway. I put in a note telling Viv how much I love her and mentioning she'll also be getting a gift card from her Nana.
Drove to town and as I started down Main Street, I noticed that the mission (still a functioning church) was open. Peered in and saw a wedding in progress. I went in, sat in the back pew, and watched for a half hour or so. The ceremony was in Spanish, but I enjoyed it anyway. I left during communion and continued on my way.
Tried to stop at the Ventura Inn, which is where my friend, Marie M., lives. However, a resident told me the front desk person wasn't there on weekends, so I'll go back on Monday. The Inn, which I assume had been a hotel, is for lower income single people and, if I'm not mistaken, consists of studio apartments only. Actually, it's a rather attractive place, judging from the outside and what I saw of the lobby. I'll get information about it tomorrow for my new friend, Diane.
Read for a bit at the library (David Niven's bio), then walked back. Home, I had my large salad with chicken for lunch, then went to a few stores. Bought myself a bra and some office stuff. Got an e-mail from Carole, reminding me we're meeting on Wednesday morning at the mall.

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