Saturday, July 08, 2017

Jury and BP Two

Good little citizen that I am (ha!), I reported to the Hall of Justice promptly at 8:00 am. There were probably more than a hundred people in my group (number 44) and we filed in and picked up identifying badges. We were addressed by some kind of court clerk, then by a judge, and were told we would have a break at 10 am and at 3 pm, plus lunch from 11:30 to 1:00.
It turned out to be about equal parts interesting and boring. I went outside in the large and nicely appointed courtyard and was close enough to go home for lunch. I passed the time mainly by doing what virtually all the others were: looking at my phone. I'm still not adept, but I'm learning more and more. I called Ellen, then another friend, then Nancy, chatted with a few people, and generally passed the time reasonably okay. Dr. J.'s office called to question me about any dizziness, fatigue, vision problems (I don't have any of these) and to say I should still take my BP medication
'Because I didn't get to Kimball (or T.O.P.S., for that matter), I asked another juror to watch my purse and went around the circular walkway in the courtyard ten times. That certainly didn't come anywhere near my usual three daily miles, but it was something.
I was a tad disappointed I wasn't picked for a case, but it was just as well. We were released at 3:45 and I had every intention of driving to town to at least get my other walk in, but it was so damn hot, I changed my mind. Went to Wal-Mart to check my BP. It read as 98/62, still very low, if you ask me. I found a nice, large plant of succulents at Wal-Mart and bought it for the garden.
I was just chopping up things for dinner when I realized I had left a few things at my doorstep when I got the mail. I saw that Suzanne' door was open and asked her if she had a BP machine. She did--it's even electric and, she said, very accurate. She took my pressure and it was 118/71 with a pulse of 71. I guess that's an improvement. Suzanne herself said she has high blood pressure; ominously, several in her family died of heart ailments. She kindly offered to do mine whenever I wanted--what a happy coincidence that I moved in next door to her!

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