Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year's Eve

I had plenty of time in the daytime hours to attend to things neglected. Did a wash, put the Christmas decorations away (what paltry few there were), drove into town to the library, went to WinCo for liver and spinach (good for my iron count), and stopped at the Royal Bakery, as I said I'd bring dessert for the NY Eve Party.
I chose a stunningly beautiful--really--sponge cake, covered in marzipan and depicting a pink flower on a green field, all surrounded by a white border. I had first chosen a dark chocolate cake, but changed my mind, as I thought the flower seemed to promise of spring, hopeless romantic that I am. I can guess why this outfit is called "Royal"--the cake cost a king's ransom. I seriously thought I had heard wrong, but oh, it was so beautiful, I had to get it--and those at the party were wowed, so I guess it was worth it.
Ellen and Greg picked me up, but we didn't arrive until close to 7:00, and missed Carolyn and Dana, who had stopped in before going to another gathering. So the group consisted of Mike and Paula, of course, plus V. and V., my friend and her husband, Betty, and the three of us.
Paula had prepared another superb dinner, featuring rack of lamb, roasted vegetables, shrimp in butter sauce, enchiladas, and various other dishes. Of course, there was wine, soft drinks, iced tea, and Ellen's contribution, the makings for Margaritas. I hadn't had lamb for years and this was incredibly delicious. We had a fine time and wonder of wonders, Mike and both his sisters (my sometimes careless children) had all remembered to bring the Santa Claus card sent by their big brother in Tokyo and made by beautiful and talented Natsue. Each had in it a folded note with a few words; put together, they read "We the merriest...of Christmases with...(almost) all together." All were signed by P., N., and little K.'s scribble--what a beautiful sentiment and how I wish it actually could have been all of us, but some day...
We ate, talked, laughed, played some silly games and about 10:30 pm, called it a night. We didn't stay for the turn of the year? Why, no, why should we? None of us are stay-up-laters and we were glad to just wish each other a good new year and go home to bed. I don't know how many times over the years I've been at parties and gatherings and felt obligated to ring the new year in, no matter how bedraggled I felt. I'll no longer do that and I'm glad of it. Got in about 11:00, relaxed and happy, and slept the sleep of the--well, I don't know how "just" I am, but the sleep of the contented, I guess.


Steve Finnell said...


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Michael Molloy said...

No soft drinks were served ... again. We don't drink nor do we like "soft drinks"

Mimi said...

Well, exc-u-u-se me!