Thursday, January 14, 2016


I consider myself a pretty optimistic person, generally speaking. I get weary of the "bad things usually happen" crowd and "danger is around every corner" alarmists; unfortunately, those in my own age bracket often seem to fall into these categories.
However, when it comes to my health, all bets are off. When Dr. J. sent me to a pulmonologist for what she called "an abnormal chest x-ray," I was sure it was--oh, of course, the absolute worst. I could hear it now: "large mass," "inoperable," "get your affairs in order" (do they actually say that?). Luckily, I was able to get an appointment the day after I asked for one and that was yesterday.
No problem! I have a hiatal hernia which, according to Doc A., isn't usually treated unless it causes symptoms and mine never has. So good, good, good. Doc does want to have me get another x-ray after my colonoscopy, then see him after. Happily, the x-ray place is in the same building, so I'll go there, have it done, then go right to Dr. A.
Besides, I liked the guy. When he heard I was from Jersey, he said he had interviewed for an internship (or something) at Atlanticare in Galloway. He was also familiar with Point Pleasant and other Jersey towns. Nice guy.
Got home and took a load to the laundry place and eventually, got all that done. Zipped over to Ralph's to get Gatorade, which I was advised to drink to replace electrodes or something (don't remember if the doc told me that or I saw it on the Internet), then to various stores for this and that.
Betty called to say she had met "the Misery Girls" for lunch in Philly. Judging by the pictures on Facebook, I thought she called them that because they looked so glum and dreary, but no--it's because they all graduated from Miseracordia with her.
I texted Ellen and she replied that Greg's mother was released from the hospital today. Hope she's okay now.

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