Saturday, January 23, 2016


Bustled around like crazy yesterday. Stripped the bed, re-made, took sheets and more to laundry, filled my medication trays (seven of them), got gas, and went to Wal-Mart for the OTC sleep aid I've been using for ten years. I oiled and seasoned the several pounds of chicken thighs I bought the other day and roasted all of them. Had two for lunch--so yummy good!--saved two for dinner (no, I don't mind having the same for both meals occasionally), and froze the rest. I'll just have to thaw, then pop them in the oven when the mood hits me.
Sent messages to my children about the furnace thing, but I'm sanguine about it. As my NM daughter commented, if you own a house, you have to expect repairs, and that's true. Plus, if I had been still living there, the cost would just go up in smoke. As it is, I can take it off my income tax. I'm just glad the guy came to fix it before the Storm of the Century; otherwise, Eileen might have frozen.
Called my former neighbor, Roman, and he told me about the warranty thing, which sounds good. I'll call NJR Home Service on Monday.
My pal--I cherish a letter he sent me when he was in jail--John Kiriakou, the whistleblower, was the subject of a documentary on Spike. I don't get Spike, but John mentioned on Facebook he was well treated by two people he knows and he'd like to punch Ronald Kessler in the face. I looked the guy up; he seems to be a neoconservative and has written a lot of books, several about the secret service. Went to the library to try to get the newest one, about guarding presidential families. Of course, they didn't have it (they don't seem to have anything published after 1914), but I got an earlier one of his with a secret service theme. I did look up the new one on Amazon and dipped into it. Hmm...Hillary is portrayed as a ravin' bitch (she always struck me that way), she has the horniest husband in the universe, and Biden likes to swim in the nude, even though it embarrasses some of the female guards.
Those items can all be filed under "I didn't need to know."

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