Friday, January 08, 2016

Lots Done

Got a lot done that I had neglected during the happy holidays. Swept and cleaned the kitchen, changed my sheets, put Christmas stuff away, arranged part of the closet (not finished yet), took my laundry to the wash place, and got more of the bookcase contents moved. There's still a lot I want to do, but I don't like to spend an entire day on chores, so quit about 2:00.
Went to Quest, thinking I'd get in after a short wait, although I didn't have an appointment. Nope; I was told they close at 3:00. Asked if I could make an appointment for today, but they were booked a week or more ahead and I'm anxious to get this done sooner as I may be starting to feel fatigued again. I don't have to fast this time, so maybe I'll take her suggestion to come about 6:00 today and maybe I'll be able to get in before too long.
CVS is in the same shopping center, so I went there to get my horrible stuff I have to take for the colonoscopy. However, the pharmacist said if I went on line, I could get a coupon for a "hefty" amount off. How much was it without? More than a hundred bucks.
God damn these bloodsucker pharmaceutical companies! I wish there was a hell so they could burn in it. I can afford this, with or without a coupon, but what about those who can't? Or who don't have access to a computer? Or don't know there are such coupons? It makes me sick.
I got home and looked up the coupon, which allows a substantial thirty percent off, but darn, I need ink in the printer, so will get that first. This isn't urgent, as the procedure isn't until the second, but I'd like to have all my ducks in a row early.
Stopped at Ralph's on the way home and got apples, cheese, oatmeal, and a Pepto-Bismo knockoff. Stir-fried garlic and onions, added ground beef and cheese, and that was delish.
I must call the doctor's office today, as she said she was giving me the name of a pulmonologist, but if so, I can't find it in my papers.
Texted my friend to see where they were and she called right back. They had to drive through the heavy rain, but I hope it will be clearer here on in.
My Tiny Tot in Tokyo (well, he's not so tiny anymore: two years, almost four months) found very amusing the fact that Mommy went into a store and Rolly, the dog, who was supposed to stay outside, somehow got in. She apologized to all and took him out immediately and that was the end of it.
But not for Mr. K. According to Daddy, K. has repeated this story 30 or 40 times, at the top of his lungs and with giggles and full-belly laughs. He thinks it's the funniest thing there ever was. My daughter-in-law videotaped and put on the Google account K. recounting the story at the dinner table. He had the adults in stitches, too, and I laugh out loud when I see it.
I just find it so interesting that a child that age doesn't realize that humor of this kind usually relies very much on the element of surprise. Something is funny the first time you hear it and maybe a bit amusing the second, but it doesn't continue to be if you hear it over and over. But to K., it's just as funny now as when it happened.

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